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CEDEI is a program provider offering 1 abroad program. Programs offered include Study Abroad abroad programs in 1 country such as Ecuador.

The Center for Interamerican Studies Foundation, CEDEI, was founded by a group of university professors from the U.S., Peru, and Ecuador in 1992. Its main objective is to promote mutual understanding between the peoples and countries of the Americas by promoting academic and cultural exchange; as well as community service.

Study Abroad with CEDEI

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Overall Experience
May 26, 2020
Past Review My Summer In Ecuador: A New Family, New Friends, A New Home CEDEI: Cuenca - Semester in the Andes

"Studying abroad is arguably one of the most valuable educational experiences a student can have during their college experience. This has reinforced my desire to be bilingual, and hope to return to a Spanish-speaking country soon to further improve my language skills. I also want to return and see all the wonderful people I met ..."

Augustana College
Past Review Ecuador: Living Life Through A Fresh Perspective CEDEI: Cuenca - Semester in the Andes

"I got new worldly perspectives on how to act and react while abroad and now have a greater appreciation for other cultures, particularly the traditional indigenous folks."

Ohio University
Past Review Cuenca A Real Look At Life In Ecuador CEDEI: Cuenca - Semester in the Andes

"The experience has shaped my life and view of life in South America dramatically. I desire to travel extensively in South America and have a new understanding of Latin America and culture of this continent. The experience was 5 stars because it made me realize how much more there is to see. "

Wagner College
Past Review Ecuador: Small Country, Big Heart! CEDEI: Cuenca - Semester in the Andes

"I gained a greater cross-cultural perspective and awareness of the ways of life in Latin America, specifically for the people of Cuenca, Ecuador. I gained greater confidence in my Spanish-speaking skills and have greater communication skills in general. I feel more independent and more understanding of other cultures and belief..."

The College of William and Mary
Past Review Ecuador A Confidence Booster CEDEI: Cuenca - Semester in the Andes

"more or less"

Illinois State University
Past Review Ecuador A Trip For The Books CEDEI: Cuenca - Semester in the Andes

"It was nice to see a different way of life. I would consider going back. However, I would rather go with a program that was set up for my home university."

Illinois State University
Past Review Cuenca: Step Outside Your Comfort Zone CEDEI: Cuenca - Semester in the Andes

"Yes. I feel more confident with my Spanish and feel more well-rounded and educated about the world. Although five weeks was not long enough to become completely fluent, it definitely helped me."

Illinois State University
Past Review "Best Thing Ever" CEDEI: Cuenca - Semester in the Andes

"I understand how people see our country and how I am viewed as a typical american girl."

Salisbury University