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Carpe Diem Education


Carpe Diem Education is a program provider offering 6 abroad programs. Programs offered include Study Abroad, Volunteer, Intensive Language, and Gap Year abroad programs in 17 countries such as India, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Honduras.

Carpe Diem's study abroad semester programs are designed to safely challenge every student. Through service, travel, community and cultural exchange - our students receive a unique and personal insight into themselves and the cultures they live within while also giving back through service in every country we travel. Our leaders are trained to facilitate personal growth and learning within the structure of an academic semester; this combination has proven the best way to open the eyes of Carpe Diem students to the forgotten side of the developing world. We challenge our students by consciously teaching them how to be better group leaders and better self-leaders - and how to safely travel independently anywhere in the world.

Study Abroad with Carpe Diem Education

April 16, 2024