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Broward College

Broward College is a program provider offering 1 abroad program. Programs offered include Study Abroad abroad programs in 2 countries such as Japan and Singapore.

Study Abroad with Broward College

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January 22, 2020
08/18/2017 Tokyo Broward: Japan & Singapore - Business Culture of Asia

"learned so much from the culture while visiting. To witness a people display the upmost respect for the rules and laws presented was nothing less than astonishing to me; partly due to the way things are in the U.S. majority of people will do the crime because they know it’s a chance of not getting caught or we just simply do wha..."

Broward College
08/12/2017 Best Decision I Have Ever Made Broward: Japan & Singapore - Business Culture of Asia

"It was definitely worthwhile. Given the opportunity I wouldn't hesitate to do it again. Watching videos online or documentaries, will never be the same as being there. Exploring with your classmates and sometimes by yourself. They have discipline in all they do and always strive for perfection. Ethical and utilitarian people who..."

Broward College