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Yunnan University is located in Kunming,a city noted for its mild climate in southwest China. It started as a privately-run institution called “University of the Eastern Land” which began enrollment in April 1923. It is one of the earliest univers... read more

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The program was richly packed with valuable academic curriculum, travel to different areas of the province and other countries in Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand), the homestay experience (optional), and flexibility for personal pursuit of adventure. Travel planned into the program itinerary nicely complemented ... - Franklin & Marshall College View Entire Review
My language skills improved significantly during this program. I experienced life on my own in a foreign place with a fascinating culture. The location was the most ideal place, with locals who are always interested in meeting with you. It was absolutely worthwhile. - Temple University View Entire Review
I learned so much outside the classroom this semester. From local people to government officials, engaging with individual people on regional issues showed me the importance of learning without books. - Williams College View Entire Review
Spending 5 months with IES was one of the best decisions I have made so far! I was given the opportunity to travel all across China, Tibet, and Southeast Asia, and I do not know of any other program that infuses this much travel into its itinerary. In five months, I experienced new cultures, foods, languages, and learned a treme... - Claremont McKenna College View Entire Review
Where do I start!? It was my introduction to China so I learned so much about China in general as well as the country's environmental issues and how it's connected to politics, social issues, etc. Additionally, I now have a completely different perspective on the Greater Mekong Subregion. I met with officials from organizations ... - Lafayette College View Entire Review
Absolutely. Considering coming back to China after graduation, but moreover decided to come back to IES Beijing in the Fall. - University of Redlands View Entire Review
Kunming is a city that is changing quickly and may soon become as overdeveloped as many other Chinese cities, I suggest you enjoy its relatively peaceful atmosphere, blue skies, and fresh air while you can. I myself hope to spend more time there as a postgrad student looking for teaching or other work. The program certainly deep... - University of Puget Sound View Entire Review
A student studying abroad with Yunnan University: Kunming - Direct Enrollment & Exchange
The program greatly expanded my knowledge on the region and all the issues that are happening there, how governments, people, organizations, etc. are going about fixing them. My language skills have improved incredibly as we were taking intensive courses and practicing what we were learning almost everyday. It has opened m... - Pitzer College View Entire Review
I definitely became more independent and confident in myself while abroad! I also became much more interested in international relations and international environmental issues. I hope to bring both of these back to my life in the U.S.! - Rhodes College View Entire Review
Living in a country where I didn't speak the language made me more resourceful. I had great academic experiences and that instructors were extremely accessible. - George Washington University View Entire Review
It was definitely worthwhile, I learned a lot about Southeast Asia and its interaction with China, as well as an extensive learning of China. - University of Virginia View Entire Review
Past Review Great Experience
Following a semester in Beijing, the IES Kunming program provided a lot of perspective on China as a whole. I grew very close with my home stay family and hung out with a very diverse group of friends. - Bucknell University View Entire Review
As this was my first time abroad, the IES program gave me more opportunities that I thought I would never get to experience. It was absolutely worth-while to make IES ABROAD KUNMING my first experience abroad. - University of Minnesota - Twin Cities View Entire Review
You really can't go wrong with this program. It helps you live and breath Chinese Yunnan, Vietnam, and Laos culture, while learning a subject that will only grow and expand over time. Plus you have so much fun while doing it. It's really hard to speak poorly of this program. - University of Wisconsin - Madison View Entire Review


Yunnan University is located in Kunming,a city noted for its mild climate in southwest China. It started as a privately-run institution called “University of the Eastern Land” which began enrollment in April 1923. It is one of the earliest universities in southwest China. Over the past eight decades or more, the University has made brilliant accomplishments. Particularly during the period of time when Xiong Qinglai was the president(1937-1949), a cluster of distinguished scholars came to teach at the University. Then the University became prestigious at home and abroad, and in 1946, it was recognized by the Concise Encyclopedia Britannica as one of the fifteen world-renowned universities in China. Over the past few years, Yunnan University has enjoyed the most favorable period of progress thanks to its reform practices.

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Study Abroad
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  • Fall
  • Summer
  • Spring
  • Academic Year
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  • Environmental Studies
  • Asian Studies
  • Chinese Language, Literature
  • International Relations
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