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University of Illinois: Illinois Year-in-Japan Program

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I participated in the Year-in-Japan program in 2019 spring. Although the five-month period is not long, I have had a wonderful life every day. YiJ is already a well-established, mature program, so you can get a colorful experience and enough support here. The facilities at Konan University are advanced, and the staffs are great; you can always get timely help. In addition, Konan University has a Global Zone for international students, so we have our own space to study, eat, and communicate with others. Except for your assigned language partners, many local Japanese students also go to the Global Zone every day. If you want to improve your language skills and want to meet more friends, this would be a good opportunity. The language teaching here is very good as well. Many Japanese teachers can provide you with all kinds of help, not only in class but also after class. If you have questions regarding the Japanese, they will be helpful to you. The workshops and study trips covered in Japanese classes are impressive, too. For example, during my semester, we participated in a Noh play workshop and experienced it under the guidance of professionals. As for study trips, we went to Shikoku and Hiroshima and participated in many interesting and meaningful activities. (This photo was taken during a study trip. We learned how to make Udon noodles.) I think that I won’t have a chance to get in touch with these if I am just a tourist but not a YiJ student. What’s more, you can also choose two courses in Japanese studies, which can really help you understand more about Japan. Jumping out of the study, YiJ provides you homestay opportunity, and they are very sweet and lovely. My host parents took care of me a lot, and they made me better fit into this new environment. All in all, I am very satisfied with my exchange experience. I believe I made the correct choice to choose YiJ. So, please don't hesitate to sign up! You will never regret it.

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