The NMSU-CMI maiden voyage to Budapest: What not to do. Past Review

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Study Abroad Programs in Hungary

What did you gain/learn from your experience abroad? Was it worthwhile?
The trip was fantastic from a cultural viewpoint. While the onsite Program contact was great, the cost was very high for what we got out of it. I know now that I could have done the same trip on my own for a lot less money. That's why I wouldn't do it again through a study abroad program.

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Due to extenuating circumstances, the class was kind of slapped together last minute, making it kind of hard to get organized. This is through no fault of the professor or the study abroad office. It was just the way the cards fell, I suppose.

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The onsite contact was a great kid. He made sure we were that we had everything we needed. I would recommend him to anybody. My only issue is the cost, and what we got for it.

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The program provided very little for food. For the amount of money I paid, I would have expected more. Disappointing.

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