An opportunity of a lifetime Past Review

By (George Washington University) - abroad from 08/27/2019 to 12/09/2019 with

SIT Study Abroad: Chile - Public Health, Traditional Medicine, and Community Empowerment

What did you gain/learn from your experience abroad? Was it worthwhile?
I gained confidence, coping and life skills, personal growth, a different perspective. Was completely worth while

Personal Information

How much international exposure did you have prior to this program? 2 weeks - 1 month

Review Your Program

* Overall educational experience

Academic rigor, intensity, resources, etc.

Great variety of classes and field trips to health centers, NGOs on different areas of health in Chile. Workload is not intense, easy to get through quickly. Great deal of outside learning through excursions to other parts of Chile which was a cool part of the program. Got to see how health varies in different parts of Chile and how traditional medicine from Indigenous populations are integrated into the chilean health system. Resources are always offered and don't be afraid to ask for them if needed. Was an amazing educational experience by being able to learn from a variety of professors and organizations from environmental health to health disparities to HIV and AIDS.

* Host Country Program Administration

On-site administration of your program

They are amazing! Really great people who care about your needs. Always raise your concerns and ask questions because they are really flexible with assignment dates and deadlines. If something is unclear then ask! Loved them all!

* Housing:

How satisfied were you with your living arrangements?

Had a homestay which was good, my family was really nice!

* Food:

Family cooked lunch everyday a variety of things from soups, to chicken/meat with rice, beans, lentils and stir-fry, also you could eat out just let your family know and they should be fine with it. There is sushi, McDonalds, Peruvian food, Italian n all in Arica as well.

* Social & Cultural Integration:

How integrated did you feel with the local culture?

You really get to learn about chilean society and culture through the programs excursions but also by living with your host family. Also a lot of festivals, school performances, dance competitions, and fairs happening in the city

* Health Care:

How well were health issues addressed during the program?

Easily accesible, with the insurance through the program you are fully covered. The staff are there to help you with that and handle all the work just let them know of any health issue and they will set up the appointment and go with you if you’d like as well.

* Safety:

Arica was very safe. Never had any problems even during the social unrest still was safe just to avoid late night protests in specific areas. University and home-stays all close together and walking distance to the University. At night to be with a friend or in groups and we used uber to get around to places at night or were not walking distances. Program has safety measures in place if anything.

If you could do it all over again would you choose the same program? Yes

Yesss it was great! so sad to leave the country, the beach, the nice weather and it was hard to say bye to the friends I made


* Money: How easily were you able to live on a student's budget?

(1 = not very easy/$200+ on food & personal expenses/week, 2.5 = $100/week, 5 = very easily/minimal cost)

Really the only costs is when you eat out with your friends, go out on the weekends, souvenirs, and any trips you want to do around Chile with the program. For example we went to the Atacama Desert where everything was out of pocket. But there is a movie theater which is not as expensive as well and an ice rink. Really just spending money you need because food is always provided by your homestay

Not including program expenses, about how much money did you spend on food and other expenses each week? Probably about like 20/30
Do you have any general money-saving tips for future study abroad participants? Exchange your money before going to Chile or at the aiport in the US before you leave. Take note of how much and if you could get smaller bills the better. The program does give you money for things throughout the program for food on excursions and transportation which helps a lot.


* Did your program have a foreign language component? Yes
How much did the program encourage you to use the language?

0 = No encouragement, 5 = frequent encouragement to use the language

always encouraged us to talk in spanish when we were together but not harsh about it. Howver all classes, assignments, presentations and trips are in spanish. But we talked in English with each other during our free time

How would you rate your language skills at the beginning of the program? Fluent
How would you rate your language skills at the end of the program? Fluent
How many hours per day did you use the language?
Do you have any tips/advice on the best ways to practice the language for future study abroad participants? Watch videos, movies and shows and learn some of the chilean slang before is helpful

Other Program Information

* Where did you live?

Select all that apply

  • Host Family
* Who did you live with?

Select all that apply

  • Host Family
* Who did you take classes with?

Select all that apply

  • Americans
About how many local friends did you make that you will likely keep in touch with?

A Look Back

* What did you like most about the program?
  • The excursions
  • The location
  • The people
* What could be improved?
  • Have more free time
* What do you know now that you wish you knew before going on this program? That there are some long days of constant activities but that were great

Reasons For Studying Abroad

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