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By (University of Birmingham) - abroad from 07/30/2018 to 08/02/2018 with

La Giraudiere: Internship Abroad in France

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I’m afraid I was quite disappointed with what La Giraudière had to offer in terms of a volunteer placement. The organisation of the programme was non-existent. The jobs are just made up on the spot and what you’ve requested to work on or your skills are not taken into consideration. The renovation seems like it’s come to a complete halt, there isn’t really anything for the volunteers and interns to do except general maintenance and up keep of the property e.g. cleaning bathrooms, answering emails, grocery shopping and a bit of gardening. You’d expect there to be some kind of project plan with the renovation and what everyone can help with, but there’s nothing at all. In fact, the ‘old house’ that’s being renovated is currently just being used as storage for the tools and a load of bric-a-brac that the owner seems to have picked up at a flea market. It’s misleading that this is a cultural exchange as we spoke English the whole time and there was only one French lesson a week. I could have been in any country in the rural countryside, you wouldn’t even know you’re in France except for the beautiful surroundings. I think the cost is also not very fair, it works out around €200+ a week but you end up working 3 days a week from 9am - 5pm. I think there are some big profits being made from volunteers/interns here. Not what you’d expect. A personal one for me, I asked if we were able to lock the gites we were staying in (especially as I was a single female traveller and was alone in my three bedroom gite) and was met with ‘Why? We’ve never locked them’ and yet when the owner went out for the evening, he decided to lock his gite. I don’t believe in double standards and this made my decision to leave early much easier. Also a word of warning, you’re very isolated at this rural house with minimal transport links to anywhere else. I decided to leave after 3 days instead of the three weeks I had planned, and I wasn’t the only one that left early...

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