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Study abroad with the Institute for Study Abroad at the University of Westminster!What Westminster has to offer Three campuses in London's West End: Cavendish Campus, Regent Campus and Marylebone CampusOne campus (Harrow), a state-of-the-art creat... read more

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Overall Experience
I learned how to adapt in a new city and how to make new friends that have a different cultural background from me. - Williams College View Entire Review
My parents live in London so I have already gotten a good feel for the locals and culture. This experience abroad, I gained incredible friendships with students and professors. I will be friends with the people I met in dorms hopefully for the rest of our lives. I also developed a very close relationship with my history professo... - University of Westminster View Entire Review
So worthwhile. Instead of visiting I now have favorite places to get tea, favorite museums to spend a rainy afternoon, and can give directions to just about anywhere. It was a very different environment than Kansas and I enjoyed "living" there so much. I still carry around an umbrella wherever I go now. - Kansas State University View Entire Review
Past Review Interesting
I loved learning about London and really enjoyed being totally immersed in the culture - Bellarmine College View Entire Review
I gained a sense of identity and an independent spirit that I am so thankful for. - University of Westminster View Entire Review
I gained a great understanding of the world and myself. It was very worthwhile. The program was awesome and helpful, I may have chosen another university through the program though - Trinity University View Entire Review
I gained confidence in myself, living in a big city. It was worthwhile because I wanted to travel while abroad, and living in London allowed me to do that affordably. - Austin College View Entire Review
July 23, 2020 10/10 Recommend
Definitely worthwhile, it was great to be completely independent in a foreign country and meet new people - University of Miami View Entire Review
There are so many different people in the world and you should try and relate to as many as possible - University of Westminster View Entire Review
Past Review London
it was worthwhile - University of Westminster View Entire Review
I learned all about new cultures from all over Europe and even Africa. It was absolutely worthwhile I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. - University of Westminster View Entire Review
A student studying abroad with IFSA-Butler: London - University of Westminster
The English culture is so beautiful and has such a rich history. I would very much like to live and work there one day. - University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign View Entire Review
I gained the experience of sharing my passion for film and stunt work with many people from other cultures. - Austin College View Entire Review
Past Review
It was an amazing experience. I feel like really grew from it. It made me a more independent person, I was so used to things being easy at home but I really had to learn to do everything for myself. I loved being put into that situation. I learned to appreciate different types of art, theatre and the people around me. The experi... - Austin College View Entire Review


Study abroad with the Institute for Study Abroad at the University of Westminster!

What Westminster has to offer 

  • Three campuses in London's West End: Cavendish Campus, Regent Campus and Marylebone Campus

  • One campus (Harrow), a state-of-the-art creative campus with space for studios and facilities, located a 25-minute ride on the Tube from central London

  • Study in up to four departments and choose between three or four classes for a flexible schedule abroad

  • Gain valuable experience through an internship with a wide range of placement opportunities

  • Excellent facilities, many within easy walking distance of each other in a compact area in the heart of London

  • Enjoy an active student union offering a full range of clubs and societies, and a sports stadium at Chiswick on the River Thames for rowing, soccer and rugby

Program Type(s):
Study Abroad
Program Length(s):
  • Fall
  • Summer
  • Spring
  • Academic Year
Instruction Language(s):
  • English
Minimum GPA:
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Any student applying to an IFSA-Butler program can apply for our general scholarship awards, which are $500 for a summer program, $1,500 for semester study, and $2,000 for the full year. We also offer special opportunities such as First Generation College Student scholarships and a Fill the GAP study abroad savings program that matches contributions up to $1,000. Plus, any student attending a public institution or an MSI (minority serving institution) is automatically eligible for either the IFSA State School Grant or the IFSA MSI Grant. Both are worth $2,000 off the program price.


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