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GVI offers a variety of Study, Teach, Volunteer & Internship programs in Thailand, including:Volunteer with Elephants in Chiang Mai- Support community efforts to reintroduce rescued elephants into their natural habitat. Travel to Thailand's Ch... read more

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GVI offers a variety of Study, Teach, Volunteer & Internship programs in Thailand, including:

  • Volunteer with Elephants in Chiang Mai- Support community efforts to reintroduce rescued elephants into their natural habitat. Travel to Thailand's Chiang Mai Province and volunteer with elephants rescued from working in the tourist industry. Assist with the elephants' rehabilitation and help mahouts (traditional elephant keepers) and other villagers with establishing alternative livelihoods. Discover the fascinating culture and lush mountain forests of Northern Thailand in your free time.

  • Conservation Internship with Elephants in Chiang Mai - Help manage an elephant sanctuary and receive career development opportunities. Kick start your career on this multi-faceted internship in Thailand's stunning Chiang Mai region. Teach English to community members, assist with plant biodiversity studies with a focus on elephant foraging, and contribute to the rehabilitation of elephants which have been rescued from tourist camps. Discover the fascinating culture and lush mountains in this Northern region of Thailand in your free time.

  • Thailand Coastal Conservation Expedition in Phanga Nga - Assist in the conservation of Thailand’s natural environment on this all-encompassing expedition. Gain a well-rounded insight into Thailand's environment and communities from our volunteer base in the awe-inspiring coastal region of Phang Nga. As an expedition member, you'll be assisting with climate and conservation issues that the region faces alongside our local partners. Volunteers will be involved in biodiversity research; turtle conservation, environmental education and more amongst some of the world's most dramatic and beautiful scenery

  • Volunteer with Children in Phanga Nga - Live and work in tropical Phang Nga province and teach English to children. Discover Thailand's idyllic Andaman region when you volunteer with local communities. Help them to improve their future opportunities by teaching English in local schools. Experience the traditional Thai culture which tourists miss out on and explore the unspoiled white sand beaches and tropical jungles in your free time.

  • Thailand Wildlife Conservation Short-Term Internship in Chiang Mai - Explore the beautiful region of the Chiang Mai province while gaining valuable skills on our multi-faceted Wildlife Conservation Internship. Situated in Thailand’s breath-taking Chiang Mai region, combine your interests of teaching and animal care while gaining valuable work experience with our multi-faceted conservation internship. Surrounded by beautiful beaches, ornate temples and lush mountainous scenery, you will live and work amongst the famous Karen elephant-keeping communities who are renowned for the unique and sacred bond they have shared with elephants for hundreds of years. Discover this fascinating culture while contributing to the rehabilitation of mistreated elephants, learning about plant biodiversity and teaching English to the local community.

  • Volunteer and Adventure Experience in Phang Nga - Travel to the "Land of Smiles" and assist on valuable community based construction projects specifically designed for Under 18 volunteers. Experience a side of Thailand that tourists can’t when you join an international team of under 18 volunteers in stunning and secluded Phang Nga. Help transform the local non-formal education center into a key place of learning by assisting with construction projects and make a real impact, while living alongside a traditional Thai community and exploring the stunning tropical jungles and turquoise oceans that surround you.

  • Volunteer Healthcare Project in Phang Nga: Work with local communities to improve their health through education and play. Discover the stunning Thai province on Phang Nga when you volunteer providing stimulation and learning activities for mentally and physically disabled children. Provide further assistance with health and hygiene education in schools, care centers and community centers. Explore the picturesque island oases of southern Thailand in your free time.

  • Teaching English and TEFL Internship in Phang Nga: Become TEFL certified and immersed in Thai culture on this internship program. Give your teaching career a head start when you join an English teaching internship in stunning Thailand. Become a fully qualified TEFL teacher and put your skills to good use teaching English in a local community nestled between the white sand beaches and tropical jungles of the breath-taking Andaman region.

  • Community Development Expedition in Phang Nga: Volunteer with local communities in Thailand’s southern provinces on childcare, teaching and healthcare projects. Become immersed in traditional Thai culture as you tackle challenges facing the local communities of the coastal province of Phang Nga. The dramatic beauty of the area brings many tourism opportunities, and as a part of the expedition team, you’ll help the communities to take advantage of these by assisting in several critical initiatives including childcare, healthcare and teaching English.

  • Wildlife & Community Ecpedition in Thailand: Volunteer with GVI in Thailand and discover a land surrounded by stunning golden beaches, intricate temples and a rich culture. Although Thailand has a thriving tourism industry, there are pockets of poorer communities who live below the poverty line and are lacking basic amenities. Thailand is also home to a variety of fauna and flora that are both unique, diverse and in some cases endangered.

  • South Asia Healthcare Expedition ( Phang Nga & Pokhara): Explore two exotic South Asian countries, discover their intricate cultures and traditions, explore the local area and contribute to valuable healthcare initiatives. Discover the rich culture, traditions and memorizing landscapes that Thailand and Nepal have to offer on this multi-country project! Volunteer alongside a team of international volunteers and assist with the general health and hygiene education of local communities as well as the care for underprivileged people with special needs.

  • Marine Conservation and PADI Divemaster Internship in the Indian Ocean - Develop your scuba skills in the Seychelles and Thailand, and train for your Divemaster on this amazing internship. Get your PADI Divemaster qualification and boost your scuba or marine conservation career when you join a scuba diving and marine conservation internship in the endless turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, on Mahe Island and then southern Thailand. Undergo an extensive training program and gain in-depth knowledge into the marine ecosystem, then put this knowledge to work when you join a team to compile crucial research on tropical coral reefs and fish species.

  • Marine Conservation Exploration in Fiji Islands & Phang Nga - Discover two amazing regions, packed with exotic marine life, as you contribute towards the long-term survival of these endangered eco-systems. Explore two of the world’s most beautiful regions, live amongst dramatic tropical scenery and contribute to invaluable marine conservation initiatives. Join a team of international volunteers and help create a network of marine protected areas, assist in important climate and conservation issues and gain your PADI Advanced Open Water. 

  • Childcare Experience in Fiji Island & Phang Nga - Explore two stunning coastal regions famed for their idyllic natural scenery, while contributing to critical childcare projects. Discover two amazing regions of the world when you volunteer on childcare projects in Thailand and Fiji. Experience the idyllic natural scenery and pristine beaches famed in both locations as you help improve disadvantaged children’s futures by teaching English in local schools and assisting over-worked teachers.

  • Marine and Wildlife Conservation in Chiang Mai - Explore two of Thailand. Travel to the majestic country of Thailand and contribute to long-term sustainable conservation projects. Live and volunteer in two of Thailand’s beautiful provinces, Phang Nga and Chiang Mai, and contribute to solving the climate and conservation issues affecting the various ecosystems as well as the rehabilitation of Asian elephants who have been rescued from tourist camps.

  • Teaching English to Communities in Phang Nga: Volunteer to Teach English to adults in Phang Nga and become TEFL certified. Travel to Phang Nga and become a fully qualified TEFL teacher. Put your skills to good use teaching English in a local Thai community, giving them the opportunity to aim for a better future. Discover the fascinating culture, white sand beaches and tropical jungles of the breath-taking Andaman region in your free time.

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