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Individual programs available to non-UO students include:Marketing in Vienna: Learn about business practices in a context of cultural immersion and gain valuable skills in basic German. Expand your understanding of marketing in an international co... read more

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I loved traveling and seeing the sights. I learned to get along with people I normally wouldn't have and adapt quickly to new social and cultural environments. - University of Kentucky View Entire Review
Really learning about another culture from the people that live there changed my perspective forever. I truly love Vienna as a home and can't wait to return one day. - University of Oregon View Entire Review
A student studying abroad with AHA International: Vienna - Language & Culture
This was a great experience that allowed me to grow as an individual and experience a lot of new things. I definitely became more independent after going on this trip and learned a lot about myself and how I can handle certain situations. View Entire Review


Individual programs available to non-UO students include:

  • Marketing in Vienna: Learn about business practices in a context of cultural immersion and gain valuable skills in basic German. Expand your understanding of marketing in an international context, completing key marketing courses while learning about the specific context of Vienna. This program is open to undergraduate students in all business majors and international studies majors with a professional concentration in international business. It includes advanced coursework in marketing and makes ample use of the Central European context for applied case studies.

  • Cross-Border Interviewing and Story Development in Vienna and Segovia: The interview is intimate, immediate, and often an entrée toward the soul. Conducting interviews can be both great fun and an art form. The interview is a critical tool for journalists, and every human interaction constitutes a form of interview. This class is designed to improve and professionalize students’ interviewing skills, from the art of posing questions to the critical task of listening actively and creatively to answers.In this course, you will not just learn to interview. You will learn how to cross national, cultural and linguistic barriers while securing sought after information via the interview. Hence, teaching the courses in a German-language city in the heart of Middle Europe, and a Spanish-language city in the heart of Spain, provides rigorous venues for fieldwork. You will find interview subjects in the multitude of NGOs headquartered in Vienna and in the streets and cafés of Segovia.

  • Musical and Cultural Immersion in Vienna: This program will accommodate both music students and non-music students interested in exploring the arts in the heart of Europe. Offerings for all students will include Arts and Cultural Experience Journal, a course based on interaction with Austria’s arts scene through museum visits, attendance at concerts and in-class discussions. In Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert: Their Music, Their Connection, and Their Lives, you will study these famous composers though their music and get the opportunity to visit sites specific to each composer. Trips to Salzburg, the Haydn House Museum, Esterhazy Castle, Cathedral at St. Stephen's, Mozarthaus Vienna Museum, Pasqualati House Museum, Heiligenstadt Testament Museum, Schubert’s Birth House Museum, Liechtental Church and the Vienna Central Cemetery will be part of this course. Additional live concert attendance will be offered. If you study music you can choose an intensive chamber music ensemble option allowing you to focus on chamber music for the term, supplying needed cxredit toward most music degrees.. Beginner through advanced students can take applied violin/viola lessons. Experienced music students can also receive private applied lessons on other instruments by local musicians. Lastly, you will enroll in a German language course (beginner to advanced).

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