Great place, great program, but I had the worst class experiences of my college years. Past Review

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What did you gain/learn from your experience abroad? Was it worthwhile?
I am now more aware of the industry in terms of casting and agencies. I'm glad I got to experience this culture and get to know it. I feel more ready because of the internship I had.

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I found the workload to be very minimal. I also wish I could have taken more classes because I didn't feel like I learned much and my internship didn't provide much work for me. I got both As in my classes and I work hard, but these were really easy to get. I feel like I still would have gotten these grades if I worked half as hard. I really didn't like the teaching in my acting class. I thought it was shallow, negative, and make me feel terrible about myself as an actor and a person. I felt sometimes picked on and no matter how I changed or worked, I felt like I couldn't please. I had a panic attack and talked with the Turi and Kerri, but it didn't help. The only thing I could do was relax and try to last the rest of the class. My Business of Acting class was informative because of the guest speakers. My teacher joked too much and frustrated me by taking away class time for his belabored jokes. He was sweet and brought food, but in the end I didn't feel like he really provided us with information we needed. I never even saw what a SAG contract could look like. We didn't go over anything substantial. Just words of good luck and "It's tough, but just believe in yourself" stuff over and over. I don't feel like I came out with anything terribly useful. I thought the program leaders were wonderful though. The events were great, they were on top of making sure students were safe and happy. Living at the Oakwoods was great and commuting to my job was great. I loved my internships but the internship class was a bore. It was useless and the weekly responses were stupid and useless. I understand there needs to be a way to grade, but making someone write a bunch of random words to be graded isn't useful for me.

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I think the program administration was great and very helpful. I really appreciate their help, attentiveness, and the fun programs they created for us.

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Housing was fantastic. I have no complaints.

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I ate healthy and the food was great in LA.

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Had a group of friends with me that I stuck with. Didn't meet many new people except some internship friends who I got close with.

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I felt relatively safe in LA at the program.

If you could do it all over again would you choose the same program? Yes


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* What do you know now that you wish you knew before going on this program? If you are an actor, don't take acting classes. A film history or something akin to it might be more fun and more interesting. As an actor, also don't have an internship that will take up your entire life. I believe as an acting major you should have time to explore a lot of things in town because as an actor you don't want a job out of the internship (unless you do). So you'd want to experience and see as much as you can.

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Acting for Film

Course Department: Acting
Instructor: Kay Cole
Instruction Language: English
Comments: This was a small class and I was extremely disappointed. Since the other students were roommates or close friends, I know the whole class shares me feelings about not liking the class. However, I was the only one vocal about it in class. I believe for that, I wasn't favored in the class. I felt picked on and not pushed academically but father pushed around until I finally broke down (which I've never done in a class in my entire life). I thought the teaching was shallow, unattentive, and targeting me as a person as oppose to me as an actor. I was made to feel hopeless and worthless which led to a breakdown. I worked very hard in the class but it wasn't acknowledged. I tried to be open and yet I was told I was being closed off. I couldn't understand where I was going wrong and when I tried to get help to be better, the teacher made me feel like I was wasting her time making the effort to improve. I eventually gave up. The only thing useful from that class I learned is that to fit into the shallow movies and LA lifestyle, I should be blonde, wear jewel tones, and stick to my type. I died my hair brown, don't often wear colors, and screw my type.
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Business of Acting

Course Department: Acting
Instructor: Brad Lemack
Instruction Language: English
Comments: Brad is a good man, but I wouldn't take another class with him. I did appreciate all the speakers he had come in however. The speakers allowed for us to have many types of viewpoints be shared. They were very good to have. The showcase was lame. I didn't feel like an actor. I felt like some silly little actress being sold an auction. It was too much business and not enough appreciation of acting. I understand the class is focused on business, but why bother with the business if we stop caring about the acting? I hated how this is what he did at the end of the class. When we critiqued the experience by saying we wish we could have made it more special to us with the acting, he claimed it wasn't necessary cause it was a business class. I think he's not understanding that we are learning the business because we primarily love to act...I don't love the business, it's only a necessity to know along with our main focus. Interesting class, I wouldn't take it again. I'd rather just read a book about it or learn on my own.
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