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  • Location(s): Athens, Greece
  • Program Type(s): Study Abroad, Gap Year

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CYA has offered study abroad programs in a wide range of academic disciplines for nearly 60 years. With supplemental activities varying from archaeological digs to onsite courses, study-travel, and volunteer opportunities, students are able to act... read more

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I learned that studying abroad is what you make it. The bonds and memories you make are entirely up to you and it is important to challenge yourself to make the most of such an incredibly unique opportunity. - Oberlin College View Entire Review
I learned more about myself and about art and about greece! all sounds obvious but honestly it was truly awesome - Brandeis University View Entire Review
It was worthwhile, I was able to learn a lot about myself and also living on my own in a place that I didn't know. It instilled a lot of confidence in me about my own life navigation skills. - Wellesley College View Entire Review
June 06, 2019 Cya Spring 2019
I learned so much about Greece, Greek History, culture, food, etc. I cannot overestimate how amazing Athens is and how helpful CYA is to experiencing life here. - The Catholic University of America View Entire Review
Independence, interacting with people of different cultural backgrounds, making new friends even with language barriers, etc. - Skidmore College View Entire Review
Learned about Greece and history and it was absolutely worthwhile. - Middlebury College View Entire Review
January 17, 2019 Great Experience.
I learned too much to summarize. So much about Greek history, about contemporary Greek issues, and about archaeological methods. Outside of the classroom I learned a lot about budgeting, travelling, living alone, how to communicate with people who speak a different language, and about making the most of your time. - Wellesley College View Entire Review
January 15, 2019 Incredible Semester!
I gained a whole new sense of independence, and a new understanding of being a citizen of the world. It was more than worthwhile, and I will be using the lessons I learned in and outside of the classroom for the rest of my life. - Mount Holyoke College View Entire Review
I gained lifelong friends in my CYA program. I absolutely love Greece and cannot wait to return. - Brandeis University View Entire Review
A student studying abroad with College Year in Athens: Athens - CYA
I learned to be bold and ask questions when I have them. I learned that your time to figure things out will pass if you don't act fast. I learned to coordinate and be more organized in order to have a better overall experience when traveling and try to attend certain events. I learned that I love learning about the rich history ... - University of Michigan - Ann Arbor View Entire Review
I gained and learned a lot. It was definitely worthwhile; it's always worth it to put yourself in a new perspective and try to understand more of the world from a different view than you are used to. And of course, just going to new places you learn so much about the world around you. - Middlebury College View Entire Review
I gained a much better understanding of that region and of Greece--it's ancient and modern history and its current situation. I learned about other cultures. Some of my favorite parts of the semester were traveling around Greece and other European countries. I've been abroad for a year before, so I'm not sure I really de... - Brandeis University View Entire Review
June 09, 2018 Like No Other!
Henry Miller once said that “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” The world has magnificent depth, and through study abroad with CYA, I believe that I have been transformed into a mature, well-rounded person who can appreciate this depth in every aspect of my life. Renown as an inevitable side-eff... - University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill View Entire Review
Learned how to be independent, how to adapt, how to quickly observe other cultures, how to communicate without language, and so much more. It may be one of the most valuable experiences in my educational career - University of Notre Dame View Entire Review
It was worthwhile. I learned more about being independent, I learned about a new culture which in itself taught me so many things, like how to not be obsessed with productivity and how to appreciate the moment. My classes taught me about Greek and Byzantine art, business ethics and philosophy etc. I feel super enriched. - Brandeis University View Entire Review
June 10, 2019 Enamored By Athens
I learned about the immigration crisis and the toll it has taken on that area of the world, which is knowledge that is meaningful and useful for my career path. I gained experience traveling and holding my own in various countries, along with gaining a very much increased sense of independence and self-assuredness after living i... - Wheaton College, MA View Entire Review
It was worthwhile in that living in another country and culture can help you think about your own worldview. And I love Greece! - Middlebury College View Entire Review
I learned a variety of things from my time abroad including many things about Greek culture, how to live in a city, balancing school with travel, etc. My abroad experience was SO worth it. - Wheaton College, MA View Entire Review
January 18, 2019 Cya Fall 2018
I learned so much about traveling and interacting with a new culture. It was absolutely a worthwhile experience! - Swarthmore College View Entire Review
This program was more than worthwhile, it was really remarkable and impactful. I learned how to not be so afraid of the opportunities that life presents us. I learned that I am a much more fluid person than I believed, and I still have a lot to figure out about who I am, but this semester abroad was truly the beginning of that p... - University of Michigan - Ann Arbor View Entire Review
I gained a much greater level of independence overall, and I learned to make the most of things when they didn't go as planned. I learned to be more spontaneous (one of my favorite memories is taking a last minute train trip to Bulgaria with my roommate)! - University of Southern California View Entire Review
My time abroad was truly a period of personal growth, in every sense of the word. Being introverted, shy and even often times clueless, I had to rely on myself and my individual strengths in ways that I just had not before. Definitely one benefit of being abroad is that because you are placed in a new environment, and no longer ... - Smith College View Entire Review
Even as a Greek American who thought I knew everything there was to know about my culture, CYA still taught me new things which speaks to the quality of the class. My professor encouraged open-mindedness towards our experience, which was so valuable and definitely a lesson that is applicable to any traveling whatsoever. CYA is w... - University of Michigan - Ann Arbor View Entire Review
A student studying abroad with College Year in Athens: Athens - CYA
I really grew as a person. I learned a lot about my heritage and saw a different side of my life. I see now how easy it is to travel and it opened up a lot of doors for my future. I am a lot stronger and more independent of a person now all from studying abroad with CYA. The time and money spent was so worthwhile. I can't imagin... - University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill View Entire Review
I loved being immersed into the the Greek Culture! It was completely worthwhile, and I will cherish my time in Athens forever! - Wellesley College View Entire Review


CYA has offered study abroad programs in a wide range of academic disciplines for nearly 60 years. With supplemental activities varying from archaeological digs to onsite courses, study-travel, and volunteer opportunities, students are able to actively engage with their course material. Students live in apartments in downtown Athens and will be inspired to immerse themselves in the environment and expand their worldview. Athens, a European capital, is a vibrant city rich in history, a contemporary hub for art, international business and relations, and debate on economic, political, and migration issues.

The CYA curriculum comprises a diverse set of courses taught by expert faculty. A strong emphasis is placed on both contemporary and ancient studies, focusing on European and East Mediterranean Area Studies. Courses are taught in English, but language courses (Modern and Ancient Greek, Latin)
are also available. Classroom lectures are complemented by volunteer/internship opportunities, onsite courses and field study to major historic and contemporary sites in Athens and to various parts of Greece (included in tuition).

In addition to the academic program, CYA encourages students to become involved in extracurricular activities and explore the Greek culture and life independently on weekends. Our ultimate goal is for students to return home academically empowered, intellectually stimulated, and with a passionate commitment to furthering international and intercultural understanding.

Visit our website at this link, and see some of the pages below for a student perspective!

Curious about how Greece & CYA has handled the COVID-19 crisis so far, and how we’re preparing for upcoming semesters? Check out the COVID-19 FAQ on our website here

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Program Type(s):
Study Abroad
Gap Year
Program Length(s):
  • Fall
  • Spring
  • Academic Year
Instruction Language(s):
  • English
Relevant Study Subject(s):
  • Business
  • Liberal Arts, General Studies
  • History
  • Philosophy and Religious Studies
  • Ancient/Classical Greek Language, Literature
  • Archeology
  • Environmental Studies
  • International Relations
  • Latin Language, Literature
  • Modern Greek Language, Literature
  • Political Science and Government
  • Sociology and Anthropology
  • Sustainability Studies
  • Urban Studies
  • Anthropology
  • Communication, Journalism, and Related Programs
  • Economics
  • Philosophy
  • Religion / Religious Studies
  • Ancient Civilization
  • Communication and Media Studies
  • Cultural Studies
  • Global Studies
  • Literature
  • Peace Studies, Conflict Resolution
Year Founded:
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CYA (College Year in Athens) Scholarships

The CYA Board of Trustees has set aside funds for supplemental scholarships for academically qualified students who would otherwise not be able to attend. Scholarships for students applying for a semester or academic year are customarily awarded in amounts ranging from $500 to approximately half the amount of tuition. These scholarships are intended as credit against CYA fees and should not be used to reduce the financial aid package awarded through the home institution. Since CYA scholarships are given as an adjustment in the program fees, rather than as funds received by the student, they may cause a reduction of the student's demonstrated need. Often this means that a scholarship from CYA would not be beneficial because it would cause an equivalent reduction in the amount of financial aid awarded by the applicant's home school.


*For consideration in the primary allotment of CYA scholarship aid (fall and spring semesters), complete applications should be received by April 1. Late fall application should send their paperwork in as soon as possible and will be considered on a rolling basis. Late spring application should send their papework in by October 30. Their applications will be reviewed at the beginning of November. Late spring application will be reviewed thereafter on a rolling basis.

Only students who have been accepted to College Year in Athens for a semester or academic year will be considered for an award


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