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Find your dream Internship Abroad Program in Barcelona at Abroad101 and this directory of Education Abroad Programs, Rankings and Reviews.Future students are drawn to Abroad101 for the reviews from returning students.  Using the popular 1-5 star s... read more

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I loved Barcelona and my internship. - St. John's University View Entire Review
I felt as if I was challenged on many different fronts. Culturally I had never been on my own in Europe before. From a language point of view I feel that the only way to master is by living there. And on a professional front i grew immensely. Thanks so much for your help EiAbroad. - Princeton University View Entire Review
Discovering EiAbroad was the best thing that could have happened to me! I wanted to come to Barcelona for 3 months and gain some cool abroad work experiences in marketing that I could add to my resume and portfolio. I did that and so much more. I was really picky with what type of internship I wanted to do but the staff and prog... - Dartmouth College View Entire Review
I have never been away from home until this last summer and I learned that it was something I could accomplish. I am very proud of living on my own for a summer and would suggest others to take advantage of EiAbroad's Program. - Georgetown University View Entire Review
Past Review Visca Barça!!
I was able to dramatically improve my Spanish speaking, and met awesome people. Great program staff, good housing. Yay, thank you EiAbroad! - University of Toronto View Entire Review
Past Review Viva Barca
I got to practice my spanish at my internship. They were really helpful in placing me in an internship that I was looking for. Further confirmed my desire to be in that field. - San Diego State University View Entire Review
The experience was worthwhile. I learned a lot of things about myself. And realized the endless opportunities abroad. Whether it's meeting new people, working/interning, exploring the history and culture, it's all about engaging yourself with the international opportunities. There are just so many amazing things out there in the... - McGill University View Entire Review
A student studying abroad with EiAbroad: Barcelona - Intern or Study Abroad
It was the best decision I've ever made. I have always lived internationally; I'm from Nigeria, but I am now even more culturally-aware, it re-directed my career interests in a positive direction and now I'm sure of exactly what I want to do in the future, I had an incredible amount of fun, the other participants were all from d... - George Washington University View Entire Review
Past Review Barcelona
I learned a ton about the cultural differences and business practices - Ohio State University - Columbus View Entire Review
Barcelona is the best place in the world and I am so happy that I interned there. - Auburn University View Entire Review
I have spent the past 3 months with an internship in Barcelona, and I have loved every minute of it! My internship experience fit exactly into my expectations, and I enjoyed meeting and working with all of my coworkers at my organization throughout the summer. EiAbroad understood my internship goals and found a perfect match for... - University of Miami View Entire Review
I really improved my spanish while learning the culture. - University of California - Los Angeles View Entire Review
Past Review Amazing Summer
I had loads of fun during the summer. There was a very nice mix of work with the right amount of partying. Would have liked to speak a little bit more Spanish but the language courses allowed me to learn a lot either way. Work, fun, Spanish. That's all I could have hoped for. - University of Bristol View Entire Review
Definitely worthwhile. I learned so much about the Spanish/Catalan culture and absolutely love the way they live! It made me want to bring me with me their laid back and loving lifestyle. I made lots of new friends and enforced that you have to completely rely on yourself. - University of Nevada – Las Vegas View Entire Review
Past Review Unbelievable.
Meeting new people is one of the best things you can do in life - DePauw University View Entire Review
Besides improving my language skills, I learned a great deal about the culture of somewhere other than the US. On top of that I met some awesome people and made some new friends. As far as cultural awareness, the experience definitely made me want to go abroad more and experience even more. - University of Virginia View Entire Review


Find your dream Internship Abroad Program in Barcelona at Abroad101 and this directory of Education Abroad Programs, Rankings and Reviews.

Future students are drawn to Abroad101 for the reviews from returning students.  Using the popular 1-5 star scale, individual reviews provide a total rating, which are then averaged and displayed in directories.  Individual review details give ratings on all aspects of the program: academics, housing, food, program administration and the environment, plus student support before and after the experience abroad.  This insight can be reassuring to students and help them not only pick a program, but feel comfortable in their choices.  For parents, the reviews provide a level of comfort about the provider, the destination and internships far from home.

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