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Study Abroad in Delft

Delft, a picturesque city in the Netherlands, is a charming and historic destination that offers an enriching study abroad experience for American college students. Known for its iconic blue-and-white pottery, captivating architecture, and world-class technical programs, Delft combines old-world charm with cutting-edge innovation.

With a population of approximately 101,000, Delft exudes a cozy and intimate atmosphere. The city's historic center is adorned with beautifully preserved 17th-century buildings, quaint canals, and cobblestone streets. The towering Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) and the Oude Kerk (Old Church) dominate the skyline and provide glimpses into Delft's rich history and cultural heritage.

American students studying in Delft can benefit from the university's academic reputation, innovative research, and international community. The university's campus blends harmoniously with the city, fostering a vibrant and intellectually stimulating environment.

The city offers a wealth of cultural experiences, including visits to the Royal Delft factory, where the famous Delftware pottery is produced. The Vermeer Centre showcases the life and works of the celebrated Dutch painter, Johannes Vermeer. Delft also hosts various cultural events and festivals throughout the year, such as the Delft Chamber Music Festival and the Delft Jazz Festival, providing opportunities to immerse yourself in the local arts scene.

Delft's city center is brimming with cozy cafes, boutique shops, and inviting restaurants. Students can savor traditional Dutch delicacies, explore international cuisines, and indulge in freshly brewed craft beer at local breweries. The lively Market Square, with its bustling market stalls, is a vibrant hub where locals and visitors gather to shop for fresh produce, flowers, and unique souvenirs.

Safety is a priority in Delft, and the city is generally considered safe for students. Delft's compact size makes it easily navigable on foot or by bike, and the city boasts excellent cycling infrastructure. The Netherlands' efficient public transportation system also connects Delft to other major cities, allowing for convenient exploration of the country.

Please note that Delft attracts a significant number of international students each year, including American students seeking a unique blend of history, innovation, and academic excellence. It is important to plan and budget accordingly, as the cost of living in Delft can vary. Additionally, students can take advantage of student discounts offered for attractions, transportation, and various services.

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