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June 14, 2024

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Central State University believes that a strong global perspective is critical to a complete, rounded undergraduate experience and is committed to ensuring that students graduate with skills that will enable them to participate fully in an increasingly globalized and interdependent economy.

Below you will find study abroad reviews from students at Central State University . We hope you will find these helpful in your search for options in education abroad. If you are a Central State University student, please check with the Center for International Education for guidelines on enrolling in a study abroad program and receiving credit for your study abroad experience. If your university has listed recommended programs below, please consider them first and contact any of the program providers referenced in the reviews listed below for more information.

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Past Review Unforgettable CSU: Guyana Faculty-led Study Abroad Program

"I learned first hand of how we as Americans are so fortunate. It humbled me in many ways. "

Central State University
Past Review An Amazing Experience, With Memories That I Will Have For A Lifetime. Study Abroad Programs in India

"I learned about the culture, and myself. A great study abroad trip. "

Central State University
Past Review Amazing Experience Study Abroad Programs in India

"To open up to different cultures. It was worthwhile."

Central State University
Past Review India The Land Of Many Cultures And Religions CSU: India Faculty-led Study Abroad Program

"I learned that every culture is different and women in India rights are way different than men rights "

Central State University
Past Review A Lot Of Progress In Racial Equality Is Necessary. University of Nicosia - Global Semesters: Nicosia - Semester in Cyprus

"The best thing about my experience is it's proximity to Europe and the Middle East. You can therefore find cheap flights to many countries, and travel extensively over the weekends."

Central State University
Past Review I Fell In Love With Ghana, It Changed My Life Forever Study Abroad Programs in Ghana

"well my experience in Ghan impacted me in such a way that I have chosen international studies to get my second masters in. I went to Ghana misinformed and under certain misconceptions that I found to be just that, Misconceptions. I am glad that I went and I began missing it the moment I stepped into the airport to go back to Ame..."

Central State University