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May 21, 2024

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Below you will find study abroad reviews from students at Bethel University. We hope you will find these helpful in your search for options in education abroad. If you are a Bethel University student, please check with the Office of Off-Campus Programs/International Studies for guidelines on enrolling in a study abroad program and receiving credit for your study abroad experience. If your university has listed recommended programs below, please consider them first and contact any of the program providers referenced in the reviews listed below for more information.

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Past Review I Grew A Lot! ISA Study Abroad in Paris, France

"Really learning the language was the best part for me...and now I can say that I lived in Paris!"

Bethel University & Seminary
Past Review Spanish Language In Costa Rica Was An Adventure. Centro Panamericano de Idiomas (CPI): Monteverde - CPI Language Center

"This was a much better way to receive Spanish credits towards my minor."

Bethel University & Seminary
Past Review Costa Rica. Enjoy It :) ISA Study Abroad in San José, Costa Rica

"My study abroad experience changed my life. I am a better person, I know more of who I am and what is important to me. I have made life-long relationships. I have no regrets whatsoever- only that it wasn't long enough. The hardest time of all was coming home. The first month back was probably the most down time in my life. I cam..."

Bethel University & Seminary
Past Review Cyprus Is A Safe Place To Study Abroad University of Nicosia - Global Semesters: Nicosia - Semester in Cyprus

"I would tell everyone to do some sort of study abroad experience. I didn't think I'd survive. I got there and wanted to go back home right away because I was scared. It ended up being the biggest adventure I've been on. I lived in a terrible apartment and ate food that I had to cook. My roommates and I got so close as did we wit..."

Bethel University & Seminary
Past Review Semester In Nicosia At University Of Nicosia University of Nicosia - Global Semesters: Nicosia - Semester in Cyprus

"It was worthwhile! I gained a deeper understanding of life and rich perspective on the way that the world functions. One of the most valuable qualities I gained was a wisdom to know how to ask good questions. This is one of the most important qualities a dutiful global citizen can have, and the mixture of intellectual stimulus ..."

Bethel University & Seminary