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July 15, 2024

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Below you will find study abroad reviews from students at Benedictine University. We hope you will find these helpful in your search for options in education abroad. We also hope that these first-hand accounts of education abroad from previous students at your institution will help you understand what to expect from study abroad and help you set your expectations. If you are a Benedictine University student, please check with the Study Abroad Office for guidelines on enrolling in a study abroad program and receiving credit for your study abroad experience. If your university has listed recommended programs below, please consider them first and contact any of the program providers referenced in the reviews listed below for more information.

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Past Review Oaxaca: The Missing Chapter In My Life! Mexico Study Abroad Reflections: Comprehensive Reviews of Past Programs

"I learned a little bit of everything. Language. Culture. What I can do to better my own life. And much more. This experience was intense, but fun, insightful, amazing, and unbelievable. Words really can't describe how much I learned, but it definitely changed many of my previous attitudes towards life. "

Benedictine University
Past Review New Home Away From Home IES Abroad: Vienna - Study Abroad With IES Abroad

"I learned to be able to trust in yourself and to try to understand the culture you are living in before you act or speak."

Benedictine University
Past Review Paradise American College of Greece: Athens - Direct Enrollment & Exchange

"Since I had already been to the country many times it was quite easy for me to fit in. I also had my own group of friends from outside the school and lots of family so they helped out quite a lot. The most I learned about my trip was how to be independent as well as learning how to grow as an individual. To me the trip was worth..."

Benedictine University