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April 21, 2024

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In the Summer and Winter Sessions Arizona State University offers students opportunities to live and learn in cultures and countries throughout the world while earning direct course credit. Imagine listening to the stories of a Quichuan Shaman in Ecuador or studying a work of art up close and in person in Italy. You can expand and build upon your current course of study, fulfill electives or simply take that class on French culture you’ve always wanted to take.

The goal of Arizona State University’s study abroad programs is to give students new learning opportunities. Each program focuses on a certain academic discipline. Students can take courses in photography, architecture, language & culture, biology, art history and several other academic areas. While education is a key part of the study abroad experience, the culture of the country is an important factor. Each program incorporates coursework with excursions and field trips to give students the opportunity to explore and learn about their host country. Study Abroad is for everyone!

The importance of understanding the beauty of cultural differences will help participants develop a sense of perspective on their role in an ever-emerging global society. Studying abroad can teach you about yourself as well as the world around you.
Make plans to study abroad and get ready for the education of a lifetime!

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