Study Abroad Scholarship Directory

To help with the funding of your study abroad, we have compiled this list of scholarship opportunities offered by providers of study abroad programs and foreign host universities. In this directory you will see information from these organizations, which may help you fund your dream of study abroad.

Many other resources exist, including those from your home university, you should check with your study abroad office for a list of these. You might also consider how study abroad may impact your existing university Financial Aid package, as the cost of your education will change.

We also recommend you consider a crowd funding campaign for your study abroad. Abroad101 awards money each week to a student with study abroad crowd-funding mission on

Confused by all the complexities surrounding study abroad? Check out Affordable College's Guide to Finding and Financing Study Abroad for some answers and tips.


1 scholarship available across 1 program

PRESHCO offers students the opportunity to work in a laboratory at the University of Cordoba during the summer. The scholarship is available only to students who have been in Spain with PRESHCO for either semester of the year preceding the summer.

$2500 per student for summer support

Tufts University European Center

1 scholarship available across 1 program

Tufts University students who are registering for Tufts in Talloires or Tufts in Annecy, and qualified high school students applying to the Tufts Summit program may apply for a European Center Scholarship. Scholarship awards range from $500 to $3500. Factors taken into consideration for scholarship awards include academic merit/G.P.A., financial need, civic-mindedness, travel experience, and the actual scholarship application and essay. Tufts students will be asked to come in for a short interview. Scholarships are available only to current Tufts University students and to qualified high school students applying to the Tufts Summit program.


Qasid Institute

1 scholarship available across 1 program

The 2020 scholarship application period will open from 01 October to 15 December 2019. Qasid believes in providing scholarship opportunities for deserving students in recognition of their achievement and as an incentive for all those studying the Arabic language to excel. This investment in language education also serves to advance the field of Arabic language studies while enriching the campus atmosphere with diversity, talent, and academic excellence. Applicants will be interested to know that scholarship recipients are also eligible to apply for U.S. university credit for their studies at Qasid at an extra cost per credit awarded. For those interested in applying now, please review the scholarship policies provided below. For any other information on the scholarship itself or the application process, please contact the Qasid Scholarship Committee at