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Toucan Education Programs Limited (TEP)


Toucan Education Programs Limited (TEP) is a program provider offering 2 abroad programs. Programs offered include Study Abroad, Internship, Volunteer, and Research abroad programs in 1 country such as Belize.

Toucan Education Programs (TEP) invites you to serve, learn, and explore our country Belize through meaningful programs such as the Intern and Volunteer in Belize programs. As a Belizean based organization, the relationships we develop with our partners is personal.

TEP works with both participant and local organization to develop placements that are based on the needs of the organization and the skill sets and learning outcomes of the participant. Our level of care and support is outstanding. All our programs are well planned, thorough and are closely monitored to ensure the best results for our participants and partner organizations.

Study Abroad with Toucan Education Programs Limited (TEP)

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April 8, 2020
Past Review Enriching Experience That I Will Remember For A Lifetime! Toucan Education Programs Limited (TEP) : San Ignacio - Study, Intern, Volunteer, or Snapshot Program

"It was my first time abroad. It was a culture shock but I was able to adapt well. Other students might find it difficult but it was worthwhile!"

University of Northern Iowa