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ThinkImpact is a program provider offering 1 abroad program. Programs offered include Study Abroad, Internship, Volunteer, Intensive Language, and Graduate Program abroad programs in 1 country such as Rwanda.

More than a study abroad program, ThinkImpact combines overseas adventure with a powerful innovation curriculum that empowers students to be catalysts of sustainable change in rural Panama, Rwanda, and South Africa.

Experience culture, uncover resources, build local teams and test ideas. Take your creativity and leadership skills to a new level through our innovation process in a community abroad. ThinkImpact's programs are about equipping participants and local community partners with the tools they need to create life-changing services and tools in developing regions. Learn more about how you can join an Innovation Institute at ThinkImpact.com.

ThinkImpact partners with several institutions to offer programming, including Johns Hopkins University and Claremont McKenna College, in addition to offering custom programs led by our Alumni, called Team Leads. For more, visit ThinkImpact.com

Study Abroad with ThinkImpact

Based on 25 Reviews
Overall Experience
July 22, 2024
Past Review Learning While Having Fun ThinkImpact: Rwanda - Institute for Social Innovation

"I learned about ABCD (Asset Based Community Development) plan. I was surprised to see that innovation can happen across language barriers. It didn't matter if I didn't speak their language or if they didn't speak my language, innovation is a stronger communication channel than any language. I also learned how to adopt to a new c..."

Hamilton College
Past Review The Best Summer Filled With Goats And Laughs. ThinkImpact: Rwanda - Institute for Social Innovation

"It cemented my desire to work in international development."

Claremont McKenna College
Past Review 2 Months Living In Rwanda ThinkImpact: Rwanda - Institute for Social Innovation

"This experience was extremely worthwhile for the additional perspectives that I was able to gain about people who have a different background and view of life than I do. "

Franklin University Switzerland
Past Review A High Impact Summer ThinkImpact: Rwanda - Institute for Social Innovation

"I learned to think of my environment in terms of assets. I fully believe that ThinkImpact gave me the skills to accomplish any goal that I set for myself. Through self-responsibilty, collaboration, deep thinking, and risk-taking, I can create change. "

University of North Carolina
Past Review 8 Great Weeks In Rwanda ThinkImpact: Rwanda - Institute for Social Innovation

"I learned so much about myself as well as developing my leadership and management abilities."

Dartmouth College
Past Review Incredible Immersion Of Rural Culture And Social Entrepreneurship ThinkImpact: Rwanda - Institute for Social Innovation

"A greater understanding of rural living in the developing world How to think creatively without focusing on limited assets Getting over cultural/language barriers People are people everywhere Not all "poverty" looks the same "

University of Southern California
Past Review Looking Back, You'll Smile, Miss Everything About It & Get Motivated To 'Do'. ThinkImpact: Rwanda - Institute for Social Innovation

"It's that experience that set the bar so high, all future projects and experiences will be measured against. It's the process, immersion, challenges tackled and project risks you take along the way where you look back and always miss it. I formed many habits that have helped in my problem solving capabilities and the design thi..."

Northwestern University
Past Review You Need To Do This Program. ThinkImpact: Rwanda - Institute for Social Innovation

"I gained a whole new perspective, I gained confidence and leadership skills, and I started a business as a 20 year old with Rwandans--how cool is that?"

Tulane University