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Mandarin Taiwan Study Abroad - MTSA


Mandarin Taiwan Study Abroad - MTSA is a program provider offering 1 abroad program. Programs offered include Study Abroad and Intensive Language abroad programs in 1 country such as Taiwan.

MTSA is a support team that is here to help anyone expand their horizons and improve their Mandarin studies by studying Chinese abroad in Taiwan! MTSA is a leader in providing students Chinese study programs that will not only broaden their world view and knowledge, but have them leaving with experiences and skills that couldn't have been obtained anywhere else. MTSA supports the top institutions of Mandarin Chinese study in the country and is defined by flexibility in program services.

Coming to Taiwan is all about learning Mandarin. Our Chinese courses allow you to speak Mandarin everyday and increase your levels fast. All of our programs have professional, certified, and friendly teachers that can help you take your Mandarin to whole new heights.
Every program gives you Academic Excellence:

-15 hours a week of instruction*
-Small Class Sizes 6 - 1o students
-Certified and Experienced Professors
-Multimedia Classrooms, Modern Study Facilities, Beautiful and Fun Campus Environments
-Course Focus Variety: Reading & Writing Courses, Pronunciation & Listening Courses
-Material Variety: Beginners Courses, Newspaper Courses, Cultural & History Courses
-Flexible Class Time Schedules
-Language Exchange Partners

Study Abroad with Mandarin Taiwan Study Abroad - MTSA

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September 21, 2020
Study Abroad Reviews for Mandarin Taiwan Study Abroad: Semester, Summer and Individual Programs
Mandarin Taiwan Study Abroad: Semester, Summer and Individual Programs

MTSA Regular Semester programs run for three month terms starting the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Each intensive language study program provides students the chance ...


3 reviews