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Learn International is a program provider offering 12 abroad programs. Programs offered include Study Abroad and Internship abroad programs in 8 countries such as Ireland, Spain, International Summer Schools, and Belgium.

Learn International-Not All Classrooms Have Walls!

Learn International is an Irish owned and operated Study Abroad Provider located just outside of Dublin, Ireland. We offer Internship Placements, Summer School Placements, Semester Programmes, Global Research Placements, Service Learning Programmes and Customised Faculty-led Programmes. Our current programmes operate in Europe and Asia Pacific!

Our dedicated European-American team uses a hands-on approach with each applicant to ensure that their academic, career and personal goals are achieved. We work directly with students to making their vision a reality and do our best to work within every applicant's budget. We provide a safe and dynamic learning environment with access to student support 24/7 with our local team.

Learn International's mission is to assist participants to study abroad and gain valuable education and life experience from diverse backgrounds. We look forward to talking and seeing you in Ireland!!

Study Abroad with Learn International

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January 22, 2022
08/14/2020 Internship Turned Virtual With Plenty Of Career Learning Opportunities. Learn International: Virtual Internships Abroad

"Due to Covid-19, my internship changed from in-person to remote. I was very happy that my internship placement worked with me to continue my internship and not postpone my initial plans. My virtual internship allowed me to gain knowledge and skills pertaining to my career plan. I was able to take on independent projects and feel..."