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Lankey is a program provider offering 1 abroad program. Programs offered include Intensive Language abroad programs in 1 country such as Morocco.

Lankey has the goal of revolutionizing the language immersion experience. We strive to provide students of all backgrounds an affordable opportunity to experience a beautiful and unique culture that provides a glimpse of daily life in Morocco. Combined with the simultaneous development of language skills that have proven to be invaluable in this age of globalization, a fostering of cultural understanding is the ultimate aim that defines Lankey.

Study Abroad with Lankey

February 22, 2020
Study Abroad Reviews for Lankey: Morocco - French and Arabic Study Abroad Programs
Lankey: Morocco - French and Arabic Study Abroad Programs

Lankey is an academic and cultural program that offers French and Arabic studies abroad in Morocco. At Lankey, we strive to provide our participants with a culturally enga...


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