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La Gran Vista Agroecological Farm


La Gran Vista Agroecological Farm is a program provider offering 1 abroad program. Programs offered include Volunteer abroad programs in 1 country such as Costa Rica.

La Gran Vista, located just outside San Isidro de General in South Pacific Costa Rica, is an Environmental Conservation Project where students, volunteers, and visitors can learn how a tropical organic farm functions. We are an Educational Institute where individuals can learn how to milk a cow, harvest a mango tree, or use medicinal herbs. La Gran Vista gives everyone an opportunity to learn about life at its most basic form and exist in a fully sustainable community.
We are happy to receive volunteers, student groups, families, and environmental interns from abroad. In addition, eco-tourism organizations send groups of volunteers to La Gran Vista every year to participate in the project.

We offer opportunities for undergraduate groups, ASB, graduate students, and researchers to pursue specific interests or field work pertaining to sustainability and organic farming. Students looking to pursue a career in sustainability will have the opportunity to have practical experience that will be invaluable to their future endeavors.
We believe that the best way to preserve our Planet is for everyone to be active and lend a helping hand to Mother Nature. The problems are right in front of us, from greenhouse gases to massive landfills, pesticides in our food, and unclean drinking water, making it EVERYONE’S responsibility to wake up and live a more responsible life.
We cannot change the world in a day, but if we all do our part we can change the course of history. So start today and join us in our attempt to create a more sustainable future.

Study Abroad with La Gran Vista Agroecological Farm

June 24, 2024
Study Abroad Reviews for La Gran Vista Agroecological Farm: San Isidro del General - Environmental Conservation Project
La Gran Vista Agroecological Farm: San Isidro del General - Environmental Conservation Project

The work will include construction, feeding the animals, planting seeds, soil conservation, maintenance of medical plants, producing and using organic fertilizer, maintain...


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