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IPSL is a program provider offering 15 abroad programs. Programs offered include Study Abroad, Internship, Volunteer, Intensive Language, Gap Year, Graduate Program, and Research abroad programs in 14 countries such as Thailand, Italy, Ecuador, and South Africa.

“IPSL changed my life because I learned how to live a simple life while remaining completely happy. I’m glad I was removed from my privileges outside of the U.S. because this experience opened my mind and heart.” - Cristal, IPSL participant; Cusco, Peru Program Spring 2015

Our participants have repeatedly acknowledged the vast potential for personal growth, cultural immersion, and the fostering of international ties and a global identity through IPSL programs.

IPSL engages students, educators, and grassroots organizations around the world in hands-on service to promote equitable relationships, social justice, sustainable change, and a commitment to our shared humanity. We prioritize Fair-Trade Learning (FTL), which heralds reciprocity in relationships through cooperative, cross-cultural participation in learning, service, and civil societal efforts.

What makes IPSL unique is its commitment to total cultural immersion through both family home-stays and service work, which contributes to community-driven development, economic equity, self-determinism, cooperative and positive social change, and sustainability.

IPSL offers undergraduate service-learning™ and Advocacy Research™ programs (as well as two Graduate Programs) in nations across the globe—programs in which the last forty years nearly 5000 students from more than 400 universities or colleges in the U.S. and 25 other nations have participated. Furthermore, IPSL students have completed nearly 1 million hours of service with over 166 non-profit organizations & NGOs across five continents.

IPSL offers its programs in Colombia, Greece, Guatemala, Ireland, Peru, South Africa and Vietnam. Language programs are offered in Austria, France, Japan, Colombia, Argentina and Spain.

IPSL is very flexible with their programs, most are customizable (except the Graduate programs) but some also have set semester and short-term summer dates. IPSL offers:

• Degree programs with academic courses and college/university credit
• Courses and Volunteering with academic credit
• Experiences without academic credit: Volunteering, Research, Preceptorships, Fieldwork
• Language learning opportunities (Spanish, German, Japanese and French)
• Advocacy Research™

Most programs include exciting excursions and activities to enhance the experience. Homestays are offered in most locations as well.

“IPSL is small by choice, impactful by nature + culturally sensitive by necessity”

Study Abroad with IPSL

Based on 34 Reviews
Overall Experience
May 17, 2021
Past Review Ecuador: A Small Country With A Huge Variety Of Adventures. Galapagos & Quito Study Abroad + Service Learning In Ecuador IPSL: Reviews from former Locations

"YES!!! I gained a lot more confidence in my abilities to do things on my own and to live in a place that is totally foreign to me. I loved the chance to make new friends, explore a new country,and speak a new language. My eyes have been more opened to the wealth of experiences in the world. I am now more interested in a caree..."

Middlebury College
Past Review Study Abroad In Ecuador. Galapagos & Quito Study Abroad + Service Learning In Ecuador IPSL: Reviews from former Locations

"Yes. I love travel. My second (third? English, Secondary Ed Certification, and Spanish) is Spanish, which is the language spoken. I loved my service placement. Don't be afraid of service work if you work a job now. It's like switching the time out."

Elmhurst College