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International Service Learning (ISL)


International Service Learning (ISL) is a program provider offering 9 abroad programs. Programs offered include Study Abroad, Internship, and Volunteer abroad programs in 9 countries such as Jamaica, Belize, Nicaragua, and Mexico.

For over 20 years, International Service Learning has been leading groups of volunteers to countries all over the world providing essential community and medical services for those in need.

We are passionate about providing a conduit for our volunteers to explore and travel a new part of the world while providing sustainable good to the communities we serve.

We hold with the utmost conviction that for volunteers to be successful they need to learn from professionals within the country that they serve. We believe in the power of the individual that chooses to serve and make a difference in the lives of others.

ISL is made up of driven, empathetic, and ambitious individuals who seek to make volunteering abroad an accessible opportunity for everyone who wants it.

Study Abroad with International Service Learning (ISL)

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Overall Experience
October 18, 2021
01/19/2020 Not Worth The Money Spent International Service Learning (ISL): Traveling - Service Programs in Panama

"Not really worthwhile . Felt I was cheated."

University of Toledo
Past Review Perspective Changing Experience. International Service Learning (ISL): Traveling - Service Programs in Mexico

"I learned that this world share similarities and differences in many ways. it definitely worth doing study abroad. "

Millersville University of Pennsylvania