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HECUA is a program provider offering 4 abroad programs. Programs offered include Study Abroad and Internship abroad programs in 5 countries such as United States, Ireland, The United Kingdom, and Norway.

HECUA designs credit-earning programs for college undergraduates, employing a philosophy of education that speaks openly of values of justice in our classrooms and communities. During their semester abroad or off-campus here in the United States, HECUA students build the skills, knowledge, and networks they need to be engaged citizens and active changemakers. Students apply what they learn in the classroom to their work in the field, spending up to 200 hours in a supported internship developed by their host organization. HECUA faculty and internship supervisors work as co-teachers, helping students explore the link between theory and practice.

Study Abroad with HECUA

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Overall Experience
April 4, 2020
02/06/2017 Experiential Education That Will Change Your Worldview HECUA: New Zealand - Culture and the Environment : A Shared Future

"I learned a lot about different perspectives on issues of climate change and animal agriculture that I had not considered before. We learned a lot about indigenous Maori perspectives, and being able to live with, and learn from these people really changed how I look at things. It showed me another, more integrated, holistic way ..."

Macalester College
Past Review I Found This Program As A Rewarding And Wonderful Experience That I Will Forever Carry With Me HECUA: The New Norway - Globalization, National Identity, and the Politics of Belonging

"I found it worthwhile, I learned things I never would have leraned in a classroom. Being able to actually live and visit as well as talk to government and social officials and people who lived in the city was a great experience. "

Saint Mary's University of Minnesota
Past Review Northern Ireland: Emotional, But Brilliant! HECUA: Northern Ireland - Democracy and Social Change in Northern Ireland

"I learned a lot about Northern Ireland, but I learned even more about myself. This program challenges you, your ideas, your perspective, but it can also reinforce those at the same time. This program made me see old things in a new way and challenged me to ask the question Why? Before doing this HECUA program I was just drifting..."

Saint Mary's University of Minnesota
Past Review Northern Ireland: Crazy Fun, Yet Emotionally, Intellectually Challenging. HECUA: Northern Ireland - Democracy and Social Change in Northern Ireland

"I cannot wait to graduate and go back! I loved being in Ireland. Though there were many challenges socially, I wouldn't have changed a thing. I learned so much about myself and about how I work in different situations. I have learned to look at society in a different way and to appreciate the similarities and differences. I..."

Hamline University