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Barcelona SAE


Barcelona SAE is a program provider offering 5 abroad programs. Programs offered include Study Abroad, Internship, and Online Program abroad programs in 1 country such as Spain.

Barcelona SAE provides an enriching cultural, academic and professional experience that sets our program apart from the rest, and we specialize in this amazing Mediterranean city which allows us to give you everything Barcelona has to offer. With offices in both the United States and Barcelona, we provide you with full support before you go, while you’re there, and after you get home. At Barcelona SAE, we highly value cultural immersion, academic quality and variety, your safety, language acquisition and using the city as your classroom…so it’s no accident that each of our programs offer all of this (and more!) at incredibly affordable prices.

Study Abroad with Barcelona SAE

Based on 7 Reviews
Overall Experience
June 8, 2023
Past Review Fun, Amazing, And Life Changing. Barcelona SAE: Summer Study Abroad Programs in Barcelona

"I really liked getting to know my teachers that lived their and their personal ideas about the country. I loved travelling to other places and talking to others that lived there. "

Brookdale Community College
Past Review Unforgettable Barcelona SAE: Semester Study Abroad Programs in Barcelona

"This was the best experience of my life. I learned just how capable I am in a different situation I am not accumulated to. "

Roger Williams University / RWU
Past Review I Had An Awesome, Life Changing Experience And Learned More About Myself. Barcelona SAE: Semester Study Abroad Programs in Barcelona

"I gained so much more skill in Spanish, and I was able to see places that I wasn't sure I'd be able to see before. "

Indiana University - Bloomington
Past Review A 4 Month Experience Like No Other Barcelona SAE: Semester Study Abroad Programs in Barcelona

"It was an amazing time to learn and travel in Europe. It was 100% worthwhile and I gained so much from it. "

Bentley University
Past Review Barcelona: The More You Explore, The More You Discover Barcelona SAE: Internship Placements in Barcelona

"I appreciated the different pace of life in Spain and the opportunity to live more independently."

University of California - Los Angeles