University of California EAP (UCEAP): Monteverde - Tropical Biology & Conservation, Monteverde Institute

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This study abroad program is only available to students currently registered at a campus in the University of California system. For students outside UC, please refer to a different provider in this study abroad directory.

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Yes, I learned a lot about ecology/conservation from enthusiastic instructors and how relevant it was to the tropics. Also learned the tradeoffs involved with living in remote but beautiful areas. The tradeoff of comfort was definitely worth it to experience parts of Costa Rica uninhabited by humans. - University of California - Riverside View Entire Review
I said no, only because I want to see and visit other places. But I am determined to one day return to Costa Rica and see more of the country that I did not get a chance to visit. I gained some wonderful research experience, but this program has also made me realize that I don't want to be an academic for the rest of my life. - University of California - Merced View Entire Review


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