Drinking in Derry?? Past Review

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Ulster University - Belfast: Northern Ireland - Direct Enrollment & Exchange

What did you gain/learn from your experience abroad? Was it worthwhile?
Despite the lack of socialization without drinking and lower standards in class...I really did love my experience in Derry :)

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Workload was much less than at my home institution and teaching involved mainly lecture, minimal discussion in courses. International students were also only allowed to take three courses instead of four or five as I was used to at home, leaving me with four days with little or nothing to do, as reading for courses was not helpful and other students did not do it.

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The dining hall was only open during class hours so dinner had to be provided by students for themselves. Wish there had been more discussion on how to budget money at grocery stores and how to cook for ourselves within the budget.

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Clubs were nonexistant for after-school entertainment. Entertainment consisted of finding it or making it yourself. Most students would just drink in the dorms and/or go to the pubs for entertainment, but I was able to find a yoga class for adults downtown.

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