This Program Strengthened My Passion About Water Issues! Past Review

By (Chemical Engineering, Florida State University) - abroad from 03/13/2016 to 03/21/2016 with

The GREEN Program: Peru - Water Resource Management & Sustainable Practices

What did you gain/learn from your experience abroad? Was it worthwhile?
Prior to my involvement with the GREEN program, I was consumed by the water drought occurring in California. The NASA data that reported alarmingly high rates of world aquifer depletion, as well as the effects of over-consumption, forced me to adopt a low-water footprint, vegan diet. Not only did I change physically, mentally, I started to become concerned about how countries were preparing for the future water crisis and what they were doing to address the 'access to clean water' initiative. When I heard about the GREEN program and its concentration on water resource management, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get my questions answered. This program did an amazing job at illustrating how Peru is managing its water by highlighting the environmental impacts of cost-efficient, but environmentally-damaging, development in Peru. We toured hydroelectric plants and wastewater treatment facilities; observed unregulated practices that threatened the ecosystem; and were exposed to social issues and mentalities that hinder the growth sustainable development in Peru. The knowledge I learned in Peru can easily be applied back home in America, as well as in other countries. I loved the fact that we were shown real-life problems and were encouraged to solve them through our capstone project. The GREEN Program inspired me to not only live as sustainably and ethically as possible, but to also dedicate my career to the problems surrounded by water (inaccessibility, scarcity, management, etc.). Due to my amazing experience, I definitely believe this program was worthwhile, and would love to participate in it again!

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During this program, you will spend time a few hours in a classroom with a passionate lecturer, Dr. Ortega, learning about the history of Peru; sustainable development; how to design a successful business model based around an environmental problem in Cusco; and your personality traits.

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The housing accommodations were absolutely beautiful! Each location highlighted the diversity of Peru and allowed us to fully experience the culture, despite the time restraints of the program.

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The food was absolutely amazing and vegan options are available if you're willing to negotiate ahead of time.

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  • Knowledge gained
  • Adventurous activities
  • Exposure to Peru's history and environmental & social issues
* What could be improved?
  • Longer program duration
  • Strengthen 'policies' (how environmental businesses work with the government or how environmental regulations are determined and maintained) section of the program
* What do you know now that you wish you knew before going on this program? I wish I had a stronger foundation in the topic of my capstone project so that I could have asked more questions and learned all the different ways it could be designed and implemented in a city.

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