Not an Educational Experience Whatsoever May 19, 2020

By (University of Delaware) - abroad from 02/08/2018 to 10/31/2019 with

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In no way, shape, or form is this an actual academic institution. Their master's degree program is an absolute joke, and I can not stress this enough. I strongly suggest attending an actual full and educational program worth your time and money.  This absolute horrendous program is one of the worst I have ever seen, and both their internship program and MA is an absolute waste of time. I have never seen an educational institute with such unbearably low standard. This MA is equivalent to a FIRST year Bachelor's degree AT BEST. The courses are substandard and are not at all in line with degree of HIGHER education; they're more or less suitable for the final year of high school. The actual organizational structure of the program is more suitable for a run down zoo, to be honest.  This is quite possibly the lowest, cheapest excuse for an "education" possible.- you will pay literal thousands of Euros to learn the absolute basics; if you have a BA in anything Political Science, International Relations, or International Business related this is a massive waste of time. I can not stress this enough If you're American, and are pulled in by the price tag, understand that you are BUYING a piece of paper and learning close to nothing.  Just a few issues: 1. There have been at least THREE different official statements from several different groups of students complaining about the educational quality, facility quality, and overall shadiness of the program.  2. The "head administrator", who is also a "TEACHER", has conveniently forgotten to attend classes at least once a semester. Rest assured that they will never forget your tuition fees, but that man will neglect to attend your lesson at least once per semester. EVERY SEMESTER.  3. Some of the courses, of which there aren't even THAT MANY, had no value whatsoever - The "campus" is a run down two building facility located in the absolute middle of nowhere, Berlin. It has literally 2 classrooms, HORRENDOUS internet, no actual faculty aside from the professors who you will only see 3x maximum per semester. -- There was a BREAK IN, and the "administration" wanted to cover it up the very next day, and told NO ONE moving in about it.  --  The majority of students enrolled in the program absolutely hate it. You'll definitely see a few people that "enjoy it" - You'll enjoy living in Berlin, that's it. Berlin is great.  With that being said, having apparently "completed" the entirety of the course, I can say that it was an extreme waste of my time. 


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  • An actual education
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