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This program is inactive and currently not accepting students. It is still on Abroad101 as a reference to the provider and host institution whose links are on this page. Please refer to these if you are interested in learning more about similar programs

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I think every big experience such as going abroad is worthwhile. I was able to learn a lot from my internship and being in England for almost 4 months it was really interesting to pick up on all the cultural differences. - Rollins College View Entire Review
yes very worthwhile and would do it again in a heartbeat - Rollins College View Entire Review
Yes, it was the best experience of my life. - Rollins College View Entire Review
I think I answered this before... it's made me aware that the US isn't the only country in the world. - Rollins College View Entire Review
Yes - Rollins College View Entire Review
It was worthwhile because I got the chance to experience another culture for an extended period of time. It definitely made me realize how great America is compared to other countries. My future plans and academic interests are still intact and I haven't changed any of them. - Rollins College View Entire Review
I would say so! I have had so many fun and interesting experiences and have met some great and interesting people that I probably would not have met unless I came here on an internship/study abroad program. I have made friends and contacts that I hope will last a lifetime. - Rollins College View Entire Review
YES i would do it again, everything from living on my own to going to work was amazing, the skills and knowledge i have gained here has been irreplaceable and i hope to come back again - Rollins College View Entire Review


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