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What did you gain/learn from your experience abroad? Was it worthwhile?
I become so independent, non-judgemental, understanding, and patient as a result of this experience. I plan to someday travel back to Australia or get my doctorate there.

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Studying at Macquarie University was completely different than studying at Monmouth University. At Macquarie there are about 33,000 students and around 9,000 them are international students; this is a huge difference when comparing it to Monmouth’s undergraduate population of about 5,000. In addition, the classroom activity is almost entirely different. Here at Monmouth, you’re used to learning in a small classroom with about 35 students max; however, at Macquarie, your lectures consist of 100+ students. In addition, there are no attendance policies in lectures (there is in tutorials) and this causes many students to skip lectures. I passed all my classes because I made it a point to go to each and every lecture. The indigenous culture is a huge topic in Australia and I took a class that taught you all about the culture and history of the Aboriginal people. This really helped me open up to the cultures in Australia.

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Our program was awesome! There was really no negative aspects of the program. Out advisor was always there if we had any questions or concerns. My professors always helped me out when I was confused.

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I needed to buy some items to settle in but not many. The other people living in my apartment were form America, India, Japan, and Korea. We were all super close by the time my friend and I left.

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It was a little hard to adjust to the food at first. There is a lot of asian cuisine, which is okay. But the italian cuisine is amazing over there!

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Arranged by program: Blue Mountains Arranged by our group ourselves: One Fish Two Fish Hunter Valley Fiji, stop-over on the way home Byron Bay gold Coast

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The hospital was very close and easily accessible through the insurance through studying abroad.

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Introduction to Indigenous Australia

Course Department: __
Instructor: Shayne
Instruction Language: English
Comments: This course was absolutely amazing and really helped me open up to the Australian culture and background.
Credit Transfer Issues: NO issues transferring credits.
Course Name/Rating:

Environment Sustainability

Course Department: ____
Instructor: ___
Instruction Language: English
Comments: Course was very informational.
Credit Transfer Issues: NO issues transferring credits.
Course Name/Rating:


Course Department: __
Instructor: __
Instruction Language: English
Comments: Course was amazing