Experiencing the Irish hospitality, countryside and drink Past Review

By (Biology, General., Austin College) - abroad from 01/01/2013 to 06/01/2013 with

IFSA: Cork - University College Cork

What did you gain/learn from your experience abroad? Was it worthwhile?
Typical to the stereotype, I learned how to handle my drink. It was a good environment for me, as an international student, but the drinking culture for late teens and young adults is full of peer pressure. Home-grown in Texas, in a land-locked area, it was beautiful to see the sea as often as I did. It was also stunning to see that EVERYTHING is green. I loved the moss that grows on all the small stone walls lining the sidewalks. I learned a lot about the Irish schooling system, all the way from primary, secondary to college. It was an interesting comparison. It made me realize how unnecessarily, ridiculously intense school is for American students. I also learned to feel laid back about coursework and things in general in life. This lesson has greatly aided me in my stress level as I am in my senior year, with an honors thesis. The amount of work and pressure is the most I've felt in my four years, but I remember back to my Irish lessons and can breathe easier.

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IFSA-Butler: Cork - University College Cork Photo IFSA-Butler: Cork - University College Cork Photo IFSA-Butler: Cork - University College Cork Photo IFSA-Butler: Cork - University College Cork Photo IFSA-Butler: Cork - University College Cork Photo

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