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By (elementary education, Boston College) - abroad from 08/20/2014 to 12/20/2014 with

IES Abroad: Vienna - Study Abroad With IES Abroad

What did you gain/learn from your experience abroad? Was it worthwhile?
My time in Vienna was an incredible experience. IES helped me find a balance between academics, exploration, and travel that made my time in Vienna exactly what I wanted. Unlike some other abroad programs, IES values a rigorous academic schedule that allows you to get the most out of the city by learning about it's past while you are living it's present. Classes not only encourage students to explore, but also take students on excursions throughout the city of Vienna. Lastly, the program organizes trips all over Europe and Austria that are available for students to participate in. Additionally, they aid students in planning their own fun and safe travel. The staff were incredible, helpful, and extremely knowledgable about the city. They were always accessible to all students. IES did everything they could to support us without being an overbearing presence. I was independent, but always felt I had the support I needed. That independence gave me the time to figure out that Vienna is an incredible place to live. From the delicious bakeries on every corner to the impeccably run public transportation system, Vienna was easy to call home. I learned about a new language, the beauty of classical music, and the history of a fantastic place. Walking through the streets of Vienna was like living in a fairytale. My experience with IES Vienna was invaluable and I could not ask for a better semester abroad. I recommend this program to all.

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