A great school, and a great study abroad experience! Past Review

By (PSYCHOLOGY., Barnard College) - abroad from 01/04/2012 to 06/11/2012 with

Goldsmiths, University of London: London - Direct Enrollment & Exchange

What did you gain/learn from your experience abroad? Was it worthwhile?
It was by far one of the greatest experiences of my life; I highly recommend this program and this school!

Personal Information

How much international exposure did you have prior to this program? 1 month - 6 months

Review Your Program

* Overall educational experience

Academic rigor, intensity, resources, etc.

The professors were really great, but the work load wasn't too heavy compared to Barnard.

* Host Country Program Administration

On-site administration of your program

Joe Lewis who was in charge of the study abroad program was super helpful and attentive.

* Housing:

How satisfied were you with your living arrangements?

Not the best, but had my own room with a bathroom.

* Food:

It is London, but the ethnic food is amazing!

* Social & Cultural Integration:

How integrated did you feel with the local culture?

A lot of people lived with students, and all of the classes were completely integrated. It felt like you were an actual student there versus just a "study abroad" student. It was excellent!

* Health Care:

How well were health issues addressed during the program?

There is a free clinic around the corner.

* Safety:

The surrounding neighborhood is not the nicest, but it is like being in any city. The school itself felt very safe.

If you could do it all over again would you choose the same program? Yes


* Money: How easily were you able to live on a student's budget?

(1 = not very easy/$200+ on food & personal expenses/week, 2.5 = $100/week, 5 = very easily/minimal cost)

It is London, so the exchange rate is a killer. It wound up being about $200 a week.

* Was housing included in your program cost? No
* Was food included in your program cost? No
Not including program expenses, about how much money did you spend on food and other expenses each week? $200
Do you have any general money-saving tips for future study abroad participants? Go grocery shopping so that you can cook your own food, versus eating out all of the time. It will save you loads!


* Did your program have a foreign language component? No

Direct Enrollment/Exchange

* Did you study abroad through an exchange program or did you directly enroll in the foreign university? Direct Enrollment

Other Program Information

* Where did you live?

Select all that apply

  • Dorm
* Who did you live with?

Select all that apply

  • Local Students
  • Americans
  • International Students
* Who did you take classes with?

Select all that apply

  • Local Students
  • Americans
  • International Students
About how many local friends did you make that you will likely keep in touch with?

A Look Back

* What did you like most about the program?
  • The people on the program are amazing! The school is a bit of an arts school so it is a very interesting group of people that choose to go there. Everyone was super down to earth and friendly.
* What could be improved?
  • The housing is kind of crap, but that is typical of any "arts" school.
* What do you know now that you wish you knew before going on this program? Some people will not be living with local students (it is random). The other Americans I met were amazing, and I was very successful in making English friends as well, you just have to put in the extra effort.