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Individual programs available to non-UO students include:Social Media and Marketing in Siena: This program will explore the topics of marketing and social media marketing in Siena, Italy, using the wine and tourism industries of Tuscany to illustr... read more

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It's changed me in more ways than I know. It's made me more culturally aware and has given me a deeper appreciation for the arts and art history. - Carleton College View Entire Review
I can't wait to get back to Italy! - University of Oregon View Entire Review
I had a good experience and have no regrets but if I were to do this over again I would do things differently. - Oregon State University View Entire Review
I learned valuable living and traveling experience with a group and with other young people my age from different cultures, as well as the importance of comparing languages and history to better relate to each other. - University of Oregon View Entire Review
This experience has made me want to explore other cultures and travel. I also want to further my studies in Italian. I learned a lot about myself as a person and how to adapt to new settings. - University of Oregon View Entire Review
I gained so much knowledge of the history and culture of Italy. I faced a fear of traveling on my own and was so proud that I took the step to travel and explore a different country and its roots. Its a once in a lifetime opportunity to study do it! I met people and learned so much. I absolutely loved it. - Western Washington University View Entire Review
yes and no - Western Washington University View Entire Review
I have an amazing life change, the totality of which I cannot explain on this small blob of whiteness. - Western Washington University View Entire Review
Studying abroad was the best experience that I had while I was in college. I learned so much, I met amazing people both from Eugene and internationally who I am still friends with today. I learned how to open my eyes and accept aspects of Italian culture that I didn't understand or appreciate before and for that I am very thankf... - University of Oregon View Entire Review
Yes! - Western Washington University View Entire Review


Individual programs available to non-UO students include:

  • Social Media and Marketing in Siena: This program will explore the topics of marketing and social media marketing in Siena, Italy, using the wine and tourism industries of Tuscany to illustrate classroom topics. You will take advantage of experiential learning opportunities offered through comparative studies and excursions to locations in and around Siena and the Tuscan region.

  • Studio Art in Siena: Siena: City as Subject is an introductory drawing course that focuses on expressive approaches to rendering architectural and landscape imagery. You will develop the fundamental techniques and concepts of linear perspective, observational drawing, and modeled lighting with traditional materials. Throughout the program the instructor will introduce and discuss visual examples of historically relevant principles and concepts that you will explore in your drawings. Weekly demonstrations connect specific materials and techniques to studio-based exercises, while comprehensive projects encourage you to construct personal perspectives of the unique city that surrounds you. Studio exercises and individualized projects emphasize spatial illusion and personal expression. Sketching and drawing the historic architecture and terrain of Siena, participating in local cultural events, and attending the Venice Biennale enhance classroom study.

  • Food and Culture in Siena: The Siena Food and Culture program allows you to develop fuller understandings of complex food-related issues and gain new insights into the ways in which food mediates social, political, environmental, cultural and economic processes. You will study Italian food and culture in the contexts of Siena and Tuscany, famous for their beautiful landscapes, quality of cuisine and wine, and as the birthplace of the agritourism movement. All courses are taught in English; there is no language requirement and the program is open to all majors.

  • Italian Language and Culture in Siena: Combine the study of Italian language (for absolute beginners to advanced) with courses in fields including anthropology, art history, communications, economics, food and culture, history and political science. You can elect to enroll in Italian semi-intensive language courses for 50 contact hours at the beginning, intermediate or advanced levels. You will enroll in the intercultural communications (ICC) course and, combined with a community placement, can elect to earn service learning credit. If you opt to enroll in service learning, you can select from a variety of opportunities, including placements at a pottery arts program for the disabled, a day care center, an elementary school, the Social and Rescue Services or with a retirement center. In addition to Italian language and the ICC course, you can enroll in one to three additional courses offered on-site to round out your Italian cultural experience. In addition to the GEO courses offered on-site, you can also opt to enroll in an extra-curricular Italian cooking course (for an additional fee).

  • Pre-Business in Siena : This program is designed to help you fulfill potential pre-business and general education requirements. The statistics and economics courses are geared to meet the basic concepts needed to fulfill introductory statistics requirements for pre-business and economics majors. In many cases, these courses may also fulfill campus degree requirements in math and or science as well as social sciences. The Cross-Cultural Communications course is required along with these two courses

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