June 20, 2024
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Study Abroad in Calgary

Calgary, located in the province of Alberta, Canada, offers American university-level students an exceptional study abroad experience in a city known for its vibrant energy, natural beauty, and diverse opportunities. With its thriving economy, world-class educational institutions, and stunning surroundings, Calgary provides an ideal environment for academic exploration, professional development, and personal growth.

Calgary is home to prestigious universities which are recognized for their academic excellence, research initiatives, and industry connections. Students have access to a wide range of programs, including business, engineering, sciences, arts, and more, allowing them to pursue their academic interests and engage with renowned professors. The universities foster a collaborative and innovative atmosphere, providing students with opportunities for hands-on learning, internships, and industry partnerships.

The city's natural landscapes are breathtaking, with the Rocky Mountains serving as a majestic backdrop. Students can explore nearby national parks, such as Banff and Kananaskis, and engage in outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, snowboarding, and mountain biking. Calgary's extensive pathway system along the Bow and Elbow rivers offers opportunities for jogging, cycling, and leisurely walks, allowing students to enjoy the city's beauty and maintain an active lifestyle.

Calgary is renowned for its vibrant arts and cultural scene. The Glenbow Museum showcases art, history, and culture from Western Canada and beyond, while the Arts Commons hosts a variety of performances, including theater, dance, and music. The city also celebrates its western heritage with the annual Calgary Stampede, a world-famous rodeo and festival that offers students a unique cultural experience.

The city's diverse neighborhoods, such as Kensington, Inglewood, and 17th Avenue, are vibrant and bustling with shops, cafes, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Students can indulge in culinary delights from around the world, explore local boutiques and markets, and immerse themselves in Calgary's lively atmosphere. The city's thriving music scene, with numerous live music venues and festivals, offers opportunities to discover emerging artists and enjoy a variety of genres.

Calgary is known for its entrepreneurial spirit and vibrant business community. The city is a hub for industries such as energy, technology, finance, and creative arts, providing students with internship and networking opportunities. The Calgary Stampede's Innovation Park and the numerous incubators and accelerators in the city foster an environment of innovation and entrepreneurship, allowing students to gain valuable real-world experience and connect with industry professionals.

Public transportation in Calgary, including buses and the CTrain light rail system, makes it easy for students to navigate the city and access its various attractions and amenities. The transportation network allows for convenient exploration of Calgary's neighborhoods, downtown core, cultural institutions, shopping centers, and recreational areas.

Below, you will find a curated list of Study Abroad and Internship programs in Calgary, Canada. This index comprises university-level opportunities tailored for American college and university students. Consider factors such as academic offerings, research opportunities, cultural immersion, and career development when selecting a program. By embracing Calgary's vibrant energy, natural wonders, and academic excellence, students can embark on an enriching study abroad journey in this dynamic Canadian city.

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