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Operafestival di Roma


Operafestival di Roma is a program provider offering 1 abroad program. Programs offered include Study Abroad abroad programs in 1 country such as Italy.

Our performances are given in the beautiful Anglican Church S. Paolo entro le Mura located in central Rome very near the Teatro dell'Opera.

Our “home away from home” for the last 18 years is the Hotel Domus Pacis. Several of the staff there have been with us for many years. All of your coachings, lessons, language classes, and opera rehearsals take place at the hotel which is unique to our festival. The rooms are air conditioned, with phones, televisions (a great way to help reinforce your language study), and housekeeping services attend to the rooms each day. Domus Pacis is in a beautifully secluded residential area close to transit stops, great local restaurants, and parks. The Vatican and downtown are only a short ride away.

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May 31, 2020
Study Abroad Reviews for Operafestival di Roma: Rome - Summer Opera Program
Operafestival di Roma: Rome - Summer Opera Program

Operafestival di Roma presents the best of our original program coupled with the added excitement of a week long performance tour to the city of Orvieto, the home of Opera...


2 reviews