Capstone in Greece: Great Expirience but A LOT of Lecture! Past Review

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University of Northern Iowa: Capstone in Greece

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no. I should have visited Greece on my own. But i must say, this class took me places that i wouldn't have visited on my own.

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The professors are awesome and they were so fun. But I went into the program thinking that it would be focused on our experience in Greece and instead all that mattered was the class. We had about 5 hours a day dedicated to lecture and readings. When you are in a country that you have never been to, that is a long time. It was like the professors didn't understand that it was our first time in the country and we wanted to explore more than listen to boring lectures on the history of Greece. The tests were also extremely hard. I got all "A's" this past semester with extremely difficult classes like "Anatomy", but I took this course and paid $5000 to barely pull off a "B".

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Too much of the program was sucked up by the class and the tours to even have the energy to really go out most days.

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we felt safe the whole time even when the riots were happening.

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