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We are a truly international university, with 36.8% of our students coming from overseas. We provide course materials designed to give you the global perspective you need in today's competitive marketplace. If you choose Edinburgh Napier then you ... read more

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I learned a lot about community. I learned that it is something we all need and that an authentic community doesn't have to be made up of a bunch of people who are all like-minded. In fact, I learned that the more diverse a community, the more dynamic and beautiful it is! Regardless of where we are from or what our worldviews ar... - Truman State University View Entire Review
I grew up a little bit while I was in Scotland. I became much more independent and learned a lot about myself. It was interesting living in a completely different country for a while and seeing how I adapted to the experience. I gained a lot of motivation from my experience, although that was also partly from backpacking through... - Edinburgh Napier University View Entire Review
Definitely. It gave me more confidence. More interest and comfort with travelling. - Edinburgh Napier University View Entire Review
It was absolutely worthwhile. I was able to see how other countries operated, both in the university and in the real world when it came to hospitality. Traveling really helped to open my eyes to different kinds of people and how to handle situations when I'm on my own after school. - University of Arkansas - Fayetteville View Entire Review
I learned how to live on my own and in another country. I learned how easy it is to travel on your own and how friendly people can be in other countries. How it is not scary to experience other parts of the world. How much history is in Europe and how plan to see as much as you can in short periods of time. First time for me liv... - San Jose State University View Entire Review
Yes, I really enjoyed my experience. I became a lot more independent and gained a whole new understanding of cultural differences and international experiences. It opened up the world for me a little bit and brought it closer to me and makes it seem more practical to plan to interact with it in the future. It also gave me a new ... - Towson University View Entire Review
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My experience was a much needed personal experience. - University of North Carolina - Wilmington View Entire Review


We are a truly international university, with 36.8% of our students coming from overseas. We provide course materials designed to give you the global perspective you need in today's competitive marketplace.
If you choose Edinburgh Napier then you will be choosing one of Europe's most cosmopolitan and iconic cities, and one of Scotland's top universities for graduate employability. 

The setting of Edinburgh is itself an incredible asset for enhancing many Edinburgh Napier degree courses  in unique and dynamic ways:
- Home to the world's largest arts festival and a thriving tourism industry, Edinburgh is the place to be for students in the Arts, Tourism, or Festival & Events Management.
- Journalism students benefit from close proximity to the Scottish Parliament and global media industries.
- Business and Marketing classes might enjoy guest lectures by Scottish government consultants or financial sector professionals.
- Science and Technology students also contribute to Scotland's continuing legacy of innovation.
- And of course, the city's hauntingly beautiful architecture and atmospheric skies are the Photography student's dream and Creative Writer's inspiration.
Edinburgh is also frequented by regular trains and budget airlines, so you will find it very easy and cheap to travel to other cities in the UK and throughout Europe - that's if you ever want to leave!

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