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Finding the Perfect Location

So you know you want to study abroad, but with so many options, it's tough to know where to even start. If you are interested in venturing outside the typical study abroad comfort zone, we've hand-picked a few locations you maybe haven't considered in your current study abroad destination list. Highly-reviewed yet commonly overlooked, these locations are sure to provide an exciting and defining abroad experience!

Seoul, South Korea Top Programs
Ewha Womans University: Seoul - Direct Enrollment & Exchange


16 reviews
Korea University: Seoul - Direct Enrollment & Exchange


20 reviews

What Students Are Saying

It was just an eye opening experience to know that I was studying in a foreign country while having so much fun!

Bree-Ann T

Imagine yourself in an amazing foreign country, meeting amazing people just like you from all over the world, gathered at this one amazing university.

Meg T
Gold Coast, Australia Top Programs
The Education Abroad Network (TEAN): Gold Coast - Bond University


42 reviews
The Education Abroad Network (TEAN): Gold Coast - Griffith University


18 reviews

What Students Are Saying

The friends I made and the memories I will have forever on my trip to Australia are unexplainable!

Maren K

It gave me a new set of eyes in the world...I moved back to Australia a few months after I graduated...and have been living and working here ever since.

Hannah D
Cape Town, South Africa Top Programs
Semester at Sea: Traveling - Semester at Sea


94 reviews
SIT Study Abroad: Traveling - International Honors Program / IHP, Cities in the 21st Century


24 reviews

What Students Are Saying

This is a can't miss experience of a lifetime! If you are debating between Cape Town and anywhere else...stop debating!

Paul D

More than experience to learn about the world and my place in it.

Elisabeth B

The Inside Scoop

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Abroad101 Teach Abroad Resources

Are you looking for a new international adventure after graduation? Consider teaching abroad, an experience that allows you to gain valuable skills, travel the world, and get immersed in a new culture. Abroad101 has partnered with BridgeAbroad, the leading Teach Abroad program provider, to help students learn more about great Teach Abroad opportunities. Learn More Here!

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Abroad101 launches teach abroad evaluation form

5 years ago, we launched the first ever platform to review and share your study abroad experience online. 21,800 student reviews later, we think it's time we branch out and redefine other abroad verticals much like we did for study abroad. That's why we're thrilled to announce the launch of our new teach abroad evaluation. If you've already experienced teaching abroad, why not share it with the world by leaving a review now. Future teachers await reading about your experience!

Recent Reviews
Exploring Opposite Sides Of The World: 3 Months In Ireland, 5 Months In Australia

Yes. More than anything, the independence and global perspective you will gain makes study abroad worthwhile for EVERYONE.

Once In A Life Time Opportunity.

I gained a better understanding of different cultures. I also learned a lot about different perspectives on the world and ho...

Kasteel Well: The Absolute Best Three Months Of My Life

I know it sounds cliche, but my time abroad was life changing. I would do this over again without a second thought. I was wit...

The Best Four Months Of My Life.

I gained friends, family, new outlooks, connections, and experiences that I could only dream of before.

Once In A Lifetime Experience.Warm Weather, Nice People, Active Lifestyle.

I loved it. I learned a lot about how to do things on your own. I was very independent, I was one of the only students from M...

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