Keio University: Tokyo - Direct Enrollment & Exchange

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  • Location(s): Tokyo, Japan
  • Program Type(s): Study Abroad

Keio University

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Study Abroad Reviews for Keio University: Tokyo - Direct Enrollment & Exchange

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Overall Experience
This experience was very worthwhile. - University of Hawaii - Manoa
My overall experience was absolutely incredible. I've made life-long friends, learned a significant amount about Japanese culture and business management practices, and improved on my speaking ability. - University of Hawaii - Manoa
In all, this was a fantastic year, the final results of which satisfied me very much. While I had some issues with the language program of the school, I was still able to learn much about different facets of Japanese culture and history, and my language did improve somewhat due to the school. The real sources of language learnin... - Rice University
Yes, it was worth while. It was very fun. Socially interacting with people from all over the world was great. It changed my perspective on life. - Rice University
It was so worth it! I have no regrets for going only regrets for not doing more while I was there. I think everyone I know that went feels the same. I have never known anyone to regret going once one gets back, but I know plenty who wish they had gone but never did. - The College of William and Mary
Yes it was definitely worthwhile. I gained a lot of new and good memories. I also feel happier now that I'be been someplace new and doing so many things I don't have a chance to do at home. Living on my own was also fun (since many UH students still live at home, they probably don't have the opportunity to live on their own). I ... - University of Hawaii - Manoa


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