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November 28, 2021

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Study Abroad programs are organized by international education organizations, otherwise known as “program providers.” Program providers can be affiliated with a regular college or university, or they can be separate non-profit organizations. These providers work with academic institutions in the U.S. and abroad to create study opportunities that vary in duration from a summer, semester, or year in length.


All eligibility requirements remain in effect up to the point of departure

Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 (please note some programs may require a higher CGPA)

Must be in at least Junior standing at time of departure

Declared a major prior to December 1st of Sophomore year

Enroll in a minimum of 15 credits per semester abroad

No serious disciplinary record or current probation​

Important Dates and Deadlines

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12/02/2020 An Incredible Experience! CAPA London: Global Business Institute

"I learned so much about myself, like that I love to travel, and about the world and culture. It was so worthwhile!"

Providence College
04/26/2020 Enriching & Beautiful Experience IFSA: Prague - Reimagining Europe in Prague

"I gained independence, an extremely worthwhile skill."

Providence College
02/19/2020 What A Ride IES Abroad: Santiago - Politics, Social Justice & Language

"I learned the power of communication. I was able to make connections with people I would have never been able to communicate with if I didn't leave my comfort zone and use Spanish as a gateway to step into another's world."

Providence College
07/10/2018 Amazing DIS Copenhagen: Semester

"I learned so much, including being independent, open minded and exposed to different cultures!"

Providence College
Past Review Rome If You Want To! CEA: Rome, Italy

"Oh gosh- I gained so much from this experience! A lot of it you just have to experience for yourself. Everyone will gain something different from living abroad. It was most definitely worthwhile!"

Providence College
Past Review Life Changing Arcadia: Dublin - Dublin Parliamentary Internship

"Very worthwhile. I met new people, explored new places, and grew as a person."

Providence College
Past Review Great Experience Ruined By Bu Administration Boston University: Geneva - Internship Program

"I learned a lot about myself and improving the quality of my coursework."

Providence College
Past Review Unforgettable, Exciting, Life Changing University of Westminster: London - Summer School

"I learned how to navigate a new city and adapt to a new culture. Very much worthwhile."

Providence College
Past Review Enlightening Experiences API (Academic Programs International): London - University of Westminster

"Definitely an insight into another culture is important to being politically knowledgable and aware of the world "

Providence College
Past Review I Had A Great Learning And Adventurous Experience! DIS Copenhagen: Semester

"I learned a lot about myself. How to deal with challenges and overcome them. "

Providence College
Past Review Poor Academic Experience, Great Cultural Experience DIS Copenhagen: Semester

"That how we live life in America is a choice"

Providence College
Past Review Without A Doubt, The Best Of The Best! CEA: Rome, Italy

"I learned how to live completely on my own, and I also learned a lot about European society. Yes it was. "

Providence College
Past Review Lifechanging Four Months CEA: Rome, Italy

"The knowledge of different cultures and the ability to be independent. Yes it was worthwhile"

Providence College
Past Review Cea In Rome CEA: Rome, Italy

"I gained a better sense of cultural awareness of how Romans and Italians live but also of how other European cultures live through my travels during the semester."

Providence College
Past Review Cea In Rome: Small But Mighty CEA: Rome, Italy

"I learned a lot about religion and ethics (my 2 favorite courses here). I also learned a lot about the meaning of friendship, how to maintain long distance relationships, how to be independent, to persevere when difficult situations arise, and to stay positive! "

Providence College
Past Review I Learned More About Myself In 4 Months Than The Previous 19 Years DIS Copenhagen: Semester

"I learned a lot about who I am and what really matters. completely worth while"

Providence College
Past Review A Semester To Remember IES Abroad: London & Oxford - Health Practice & Policy

"I gained a lot of independence while I was abroad. It was definitely worth while. It forced me to go outside my comfort zone and I learned a lot about myself."

Providence College
Past Review Study Abroad In Spain An Experience That Changed My Life Forever! CIEE: Madrid - Liberal Arts

"I learned a lot about myself. I also learned a lot about what I want to do in the future. I wish I stayed longer, and am most definitely going to return to Spain in the near future. "

Providence College
Past Review Never Want To Leave! CEA: Rome, Italy

"If you're debating on whether or not to go abroad, GO ABROAD. It's worth it, trust me."

Providence College
Past Review Roman Holiday CEA: Rome, Italy

"My semester abroad has changed me forever in the best way possible. I am so grateful for the experiences CEA provided me and I think I have grown as an individual through my encounters and my new friends. "

Providence College
Past Review One For The Books! CEA: Rome, Italy

"I gained not only experiences in Italy, but experiences of several different cultures in Europe. Out of all the places I have been ,the best by far is Rome. This city can show you an amazing time, and is the best place for students to learn and grow. Highly recommend!!"

Providence College
Past Review Home Sweet Rome CEA: Rome, Italy

"This semester was more than worthwhile. I gained new friends, new memories, new experiences and learned and experienced things I could have never imagined. Everyone who has the chance to live abroad should. I learned how to problem solve, go with the flow, and be more independent! I will always remember my time here in Rome and ..."

Providence College
Past Review A Grand Time In The Emerald Isle IFSA: Limerick - University of Limerick

"I studied at the University of Limerick through IFSA-Butler and it was grand! UL is underrated in my opinion; great school, the academics are different but manageable, and the area is safe and close to the city (UL is technically in Castletroy). The IFSA-Butler staff in the U.S. and Ireland are extremely helpful and understandin..."

Providence College
Past Review La Vita è Bella A Roma IES Abroad: Study Rome - Language & Area Studies

"The study abroad experience, though only four months long, has changed me for a lifetime. I am more confident, independent and tolerant. I am more likely to see difference as beautiful. Study abroad has made me a brave and curious student. "

Providence College