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Youth International

Youth International is a program provider offering 1 abroad program. Programs offered include Gap Year abroad programs in 11 countries such as Central African Republic, South Africa, Bolivia, and Ecuador.

Youth International’s mission is to open the doors for young adults to discover a broader perspective on the world while developing a deeper understanding of themselves and their place within the world.

Developing more personally and socially aware future leaders, Youth International also hopes to take small steps toward bridging the gap between people of different nations and making the world a better, more peaceful place.

Since 1997, Youth International has provided many people with the most exciting, fulfilling, and educational experience of their life. Our gap year opportunities provide a unique way for you to explore some of the world, open your mind, and challenge who you think you are or might be. The program sets you up to gain a first-hand understanding of a variety of different cultures and communities, and to give back to them.

The program is a tremendous amount of fun! It is, however, extremely intense and it is not for everyone. Team members continually face a variety of mental and physical challenges. They are asked to dig deep into themselves. In return they are greatly rewarded for their efforts.

Study Abroad with Youth International

July 22, 2024