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LTL Mandarin School


LTL Mandarin School is a program provider offering 1 abroad program. Programs offered include Study Abroad, Internship, and Intensive Language abroad programs in 1 country such as China.

LTL Mandarin School’s main campus is located in Beijing 北京 with Chinese immersion courses also available in Chengde 承德. In Northern China, Mandarin is used in general conversation, giving you plenty of opportunities to use your new language skills every day. While Mandarin is spoken for business and education in southern cities such as Shanghai, the prevalence of local dialects means practice outside the office or classroom can be limited.

Study Abroad with LTL Mandarin School

Based on 6 Reviews
Overall Experience
May 19, 2024
Past Review Exciting And Accomplishing (Kind Of Expensive But Worth It) LTL Mandarin School: Learn Chinese in China

"My experience abroad was everything I hoped it would be. I met amazing people, made a wide range of friends from all over the world that I hope to see again, and accomplished my goals. I went on this trip very negative about learning Chinese because of the negative experience I've had in the past with university classes and teac..."

University of Nevada - Reno
Past Review Excellent And Enjoyable Learning Experience LTL Mandarin School: Learn Chinese in China

"I have a good appreciation of the Chinese language and culture, and basic language skills"

Past Review Vacation On A Budget LTL Mandarin School: Learn Chinese in China

"The trip was more than worthwhile! I have a greater appreciation for the lives of people around the world who everyday have to work hard to make ends meet or simply get ahead in an extremely competitive society. I have a greater appreciation for the United States despite it's many many flaws, I have a greater appreciation of che..."

San Jose State University
Past Review Excellent Program, Though A Bit Expensive LTL Mandarin School: Learn Chinese in China

"I significantly increased my Mandarin ability"

MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Past Review Intensive LTL Mandarin School: Learn Chinese in China

"China is a fascinating place. Absolutely worthwhile"

Colby College
Past Review If You Want To Learn Or Improve Your Mandarin And Do It Quickly, Come To Ltl LTL Mandarin School: Learn Chinese in China

"One of the biggest gains from this experience was that I've become a lot more confident about using the language. No matter how much you study, unless you actually use it on a day to day basis, you can't improve - and by being at this school, it became very easy to practice and use the language in daily situations. It was very w..."

CUNY - Baruch College