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International Studies Abroad / ISA is a program provider offering 68 abroad programs. Programs offered include Study Abroad, Internship, Volunteer, Intensive Language, Gap Year, and High School abroad programs in 29 countries such as Australia, Ireland, South Africa, and New Zealand.

As a leader in international education since 1987, ISA is dedicated to providing university level students with the opportunity to discover, learn, and enjoy a way of life other than their own. ISA offers a diverse portfolio of education abroad programs across Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Middle East and the Pacific. Our worldwide team continuously seeks to provide high-quality experiences for university students at an affordable price. Each year thousands of students participate in ISA programs, including; ISA Custom Programs, Service-Learning & Internships, Veritas Christian Study Abroad, and EuroScholars undergraduate research. ISA distinguishes itself by maintaining its commitment to each individual student and its comprehensive on-site support offered through resident staff in nearly seventy-five program locations around the world.

ISA is now a part of WorldStrides, the largest provider of educational travel opportunities designed to expand travelers' understanding of the world.

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Based on 1236 Reviews
Overall Experience
December 2, 2021
11/03/2019 Amazing ISA Study Abroad in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

"This experience was very special and allowed me to be self-reflective and i think because there was time to focus on myself and not be so stressed about academics, it made it worthwhile. "

Wellesley College
09/19/2019 Eye Opening And Life Changing ISA Study Abroad in Dublin, Ireland

"I gained more independence and I feel more comfortable doing things by myself. "

University of Southern Indiana
09/02/2019 Eye Opening, Cultural Awakening, Educational. ISA Study Abroad in Paris, France

"I learned more about French culture, and the importance of a country’s history. I had the chance to practice my French and to meet different kinds of people and nationalities. It was definitely worth while!"

Cottey College
08/12/2019 Not All Expectations Were Met 100%, But So Very Close! Amazing ISA Study Abroad in Stirling, Scotland

"I gained great international experience; how to better live on my own and fend for myself; how to go out and not only make friends with those in my program, but also the individuals living in the culture; how to use the bus system; what a public school feeling was like; and so much more! It was 100% worthwhile!"

Concordia University Nebraska
07/18/2019 Amazing Stay With Local Family ISA Study Abroad in Barcelona, Spain

"I gained confidence meeting new people, trying new foods, navigating new places/systems/activities, and speaking Spanish. It was very fun and relaxed and an interesting change from my home school."

Wellesley College
07/16/2019 Enlightening And A Learning Process ISA Study Abroad in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

"I learned how to be alone in an unfamiliar environment, how to do more things for myself, how to challenge myself with course material I have never seen, and just overall more about myself as a person, good and bad. "

Saint Leo University
06/30/2019 An Experience That Was Incredeibly Amazing And Has So Many Lifelong Memories. ISA Study Abroad in Sydney, Australia

"I learned that I am capable of going places alone and figuring out what I am doing independently, I gained confidence in myself and my abilities. It has been the most worthwhile experience I have ever gotten the opportunity to participate in. "

University of Southern Indiana
03/25/2019 Living In The Most Welcoming City ISA Study Abroad in Galway, Ireland

"Independence and new life lessons. It was definitely worthwhile to learn about myself."

Saint Leo University
03/20/2019 My London Experience ISA Study Abroad in London, England

"I learned how to live independently on my own. It really taught me what it means to "survive" when you live on your own and have to take care of yourself on your own. I think my entire experience was worth while and I encourage anybody who's thinking about studying abroad to do it. It teaches you a lot about the world and about ..."

Saint Leo University
03/20/2019 I Would Do It Again! ISA Study Abroad in Bangkok, Thailand

"How to be independent in traveling and how to survive on my own. Yes it was worthwhile."

Saint Leo University
01/22/2019 A Learning Experience With Memories That Will Last A Lifetime! Veritas Christian Study Abroad: San Jose - Study Abroad and Missions Program

"It was definitely worthwhile! I learned to be more confident and independent, I was basically fluent in Spanish while down in Costa Rica, I met amazing friends, and I tried so many new foods and activities! "

Bethany Lutheran College
01/14/2019 Being A Student In Shanghai ISA Study Abroad in Shanghai, China

"I seriously improved my Chinese just by living in China for the fall semester. Not only was I more independent and creative getting around, I did so in Chinese. Many students speak English, but in almost all social interactions off campus, Chinese is the "Lingua Franca". It was worthwhile."

Berea College
01/09/2019 A Once In A Lifetime Summer In Spain ISA Study Abroad in Barcelona, Spain

"I learned about Spanish and Catalan culture and improved my Spanish speaking ability. "

Oklahoma State University - Stillwater
12/19/2018 Weird Girl Goes To London And Actually Makes Friends ISA Study Abroad in London, England

"Very worthwhile. I gained friends and confidence "

Berea College
11/26/2018 Unforgettable ISA Study Abroad in Barcelona, Spain

"I learned how to be independent and it was an amazing experience "

Oklahoma State University - Stillwater
10/04/2018 Studying Abroad Was The Most Amazing Experience Of My Life. ISA Study Abroad in Granada, Spain

"I learned how to step outside my comfort zone. I gained confidence in practicing Spanish, and though I am not fluent, I have made progress. This experience was definitely worthwhile."

Texas A&M University - College Station
09/20/2018 Do It! Isa Granada Is The Best Program You Can Pick ISA Study Abroad in Granada, Spain

"This was the most worthwhile thing I've ever done, I can't recommend it enough! I learned so much about other cultures, friendship, and what I want my life to be like after college"

Texas A&M University - College Station
09/17/2018 An Incredible Experience That I Will Never Forget. ISA Study Abroad in Barcelona, Spain

"I gained cultural knowledge of what it is like in other countries, language experience, and I made friends that will last a lifetime. It was absolutely worthwhile. "

Lewis-Clark State College
09/04/2018 Way Too Much Bread, Not Enough Feta ISA Study Abroad in Athens, Greece

"The experience was definitely worthwhile, but what I learned is hard to put into words. The experience of going to a foreign country for the first time, living there on my own without family to rely on, and learning more about the modern culture of my heritage while exploring the remnants of the ancient world was just absolutely..."

Lewis-Clark State College
08/13/2018 It Was All About The Smiles, Excitement, And Sangria! ISA Study Abroad in Valencia, Spain

"I've gain a lot of new close friends, amazing memories, a deeper understanding of the Spanish culture/history. Personally, for me it was worth while simply living in a new culture. Being surrounded by different mentalities has definitely shaped the way I think and even behave. I can honestly say that my self confidence has impro..."

Oklahoma State University - Stillwater
07/22/2018 Trip Of A Life Time ISA Study Abroad in Sydney, Australia

"Learned how to be myself in a place where I could be anything"

University of Southern Indiana
07/10/2018 I Gained Independence, Self Confidence And Awareness. ISA Study Abroad in Townsville, Australia

"Definitely worthwhile "

University of Maine - Orono
07/05/2018 Great ISA Study Abroad in Dublin, Ireland

"The traveling around the country and abroad into Europe "

Lewis-Clark State College